Supersuckers - Live At Bart`s CD Cellar & Record Shop (CD)

Supersuckers - Live At Bart`s CD Cellar & Record Shop (CD)


Rock bands are rarely at their most memorable when doing in-store appearances, where folks are more likely to be looking for the latest posthumous 2Pac CD than listening to what they’re doing, and this document of the Supersuckers attempting to entertain a handful of fans at a Boulder, CO, record store doesn’t do much to change this perception. Eddie Spaghetti and company amble through eight songs over the course of 32 minutes, settling comfortably into their country mode with the help of Jordan Shapiro on pedal steel, and while Spaghetti confesses in his liner notes I remember barely pulling it together” and he sounds less than thrilled with his bandmates as they try to start ”Roadworn and Weary” several times, all in all this is a pretty good gig from a consistently strong live band. If you saw this show for free on a Saturday afternoon while looking at what was on sale, you’d probably consider yourself fortunate, but at the same time the Supersuckers already have several solid live discs available through their own Mid-Fi label, and this amiable but slightly sloppy set doesn’t offer any noticeable advantage over any of them. Loyal fans and obsessives will like this, and others need not bother. ~ Mark Deming, All Music Guide”

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  • 1. The Image of Me -
  • 2. Creepy Jackalope -
  • 3. Dead in the Water -
  • 4. Good Livin' -
  • 5. Roadworn and Weary -
  • 6. Sail On -
  • 7. Peace in the Valley -
  • 8. Hey Ya! -

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