Lewis Nigel And The Garbagemen - Live At The Parasite Garden LP+7″ (Black) (LP)

Lewis Nigel And The Garbagemen - Live At The Parasite Garden LP+7″ (Black) (LP)


GEL LEWIS AND THE GARBAGEMEN – Live At The Parasite Garden LP+7″ black ltd. 200gr. Vinyl pressing! Both, LP and 7″, on black vinyl!
Heavy printed flyer + printed inlay!

THIS is the REAL deal! NIGEL LEWIS, the legendary Psychobilly icon, backed up by the finnish Psychobilly/Garage/Trash stars THE GARBAGEMEN, and man, this by far the best backing band I have heard playing with Nigel Lewis!

Recorded in 2006, a true Rockabilly Psychosis gig! Normally I don’t do many words, BUT I loved it from the first tones when my dear friend Wellu sent me a CD-R some 15 years back! A dream came true to release this! Have a beer and dance to the ultimate Rockabilly Psychosis!

An offical release, no f**kin’ bootleg! Licensed from Susan Lewis!

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Mitat 35 × 35 × 1 cm (senttimetri)
Tuottaja Crazy Love Records
Vuosi 2022

1. My Daddy Is A Vampire
2. Teenagers From outer Space
3. Brand New Gun
4. Rockabilly Psychosis
5. Attack Of The Zorchmen
6. The Day The Sun Burned Down
7. The Room
8. Island Of Souls
9. Ride This Torpedo
10. Radioactive Kid
11. Another Half Hour Till Sunrise
12. Get Off My Cloud
13. Final Kick
14. Action Woman
15. Into The Darkness
16. Get Me To The World On Time
17. Earwigs In My Brain
18. Rattlesnakin’ Daddy

7″ single:
19. Raw Deal
20. You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down

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