Tennessee Boys - Live Fast,Love Hard,Die Young (Käytetty CD)

Tennessee Boys - Live Fast,Love Hard,Die Young (Käytetty CD)


Yksi parhaista 50´s tyylisistä bändeistä. Homma toimii! Vanha 10albumi + bonuksena radio mafia Tutti frutti Live 7 biisiä, sekä Tail äänitykset Dig Boy Dig kokoelmalta. 21 biisiä.This is the long awaited CD version of the now defunct Tennessee Boys 10″ vinyl album released back in 1997 on El Toro Records. The Tennessee Boys are/were one of the best rockabilly bands of all time, as they proved by touring several times in Europe and the USA with great success wherever they played. They’re very often compared with Big Sandy & Fly Rite Trio and High Noon. The CD includes all their recordings made at Tail Studios in Sweden, plus 7 tracks taken out from a live radio show recording during one of their tours in Scandinavia.”

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  • 1. Live fast, love hard, die young
  • 2. This time
  • 3. Rovin' eyes
  • 4. Wont'cha bail me
  • 5. Tutti frutti pie
  • 6. Rockin' an-a boppin'
  • 7. Flat broke blues
  • 8. Red hot mama
  • 9. Blackberry boogie
  • 10. Rockabilly ball

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