Los Fabulous Frankies - The Full Franky (Käytetty CD)

Los Fabulous Frankies - The Full Franky (Käytetty CD)


I just knew I’d like this album as soon as I saw the cover which shows the band in a ’Reservoir Dogs’ type pose in front of a Las Vegas type backdrop. The inside of the booklet is good too. I love it when a band goes to town on presentation, and for me that makes the whole thing much more interesting. Musically the band are a tongue in cheek mix of surf style guitar riffs and sexually explict lyrics. You can almost imagine that this album was recorded over a drunken weekend in Palm Springs with the recordings being fitted in between a heavy party schedule. Great stuff.

Deathrow Database #36

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  • 1. Gotta be free
  • 2. Cotton pickin'
  • 3. Goin' down to Tio Joanna
  • 4. I'm in love
  • 5. Honey bun
  • 6. Come on
  • 7. My baby sez
  • 8. I don't love you no more
  • 9. Help me make it through the night 10.Nobody's guy
  • 11. Marie, Marie
  • 12. Ain't got no home
  • 13. He lied to me
  • 14. The wild wan
  • 15. El Cuckarocko
  • 16. Alexandria