Los Straitjackets - In Concert DVD (DVD)

Los Straitjackets - In Concert DVD (DVD)



The Los Straitjackets have made a career out of being one of the most dynamic and skillful instrumental bands on the planet. Their renowned live show is filled with mind-bending guitar theatrics, group choreography and fuzzed-out experiments in high fidelity rock n’ roll showmanship. On their new DVD, In Concert, the luchadores of rock document a 2005 gig at San Francisco’s historic Great American Music Hall. The set abounds with original tracks and signature far out covers (My Heart Will Go On”) done as only the Straitjackets can do them. The spellbinding shows are captured in Dolby 5.1 surround sound and crystal clear video resulting in a vintage snapshot of the band in lean, mean musical form. Complete with kitschy cool intro sequences produced by the band, In Concert is the quintessential document of the Los Straitjackets live experience.”

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  • 1. Outta Gear
  • 2. State Fair
  • 3. Casbah
  • 4. Calhoun Surf
  • 5. Itchy Chicken
  • 6. Can You Dig It
  • 7. Kawanga
  • 8. University Blvd
  • 9. Time Bomb
  • 10. Squad Car
  • 11. My Heart Will Go On
  • 12. Rockula
  • 13. Isn't Love Grand
  • 14. Tempest
  • 15. Champaign
  • 16. Tailspin
  • 17. Pacifica
  • 18. Sing Sing Sing
  • 19. Out of Limits
  • 20. Our Favorite Martian
  • 21. Telstar

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