Lota Red - The Green Memphis (CD)

Lota Red - The Green Memphis (CD)


LOTA RED was founded in Berlin, Germany, in summer of 1987.

The Band plays kind of “all styles”, a wild mixture of R&R, Country, Trash und Punk, but you may clearly hear their roots are fine (Neo) Rockabilly for sure.

Johnny Rides, their first “smash-hit”, was released in 1989 on FURY RECORDS, it’s their debut on the LP-Sampler „Something To Remember”. Many years and albums later their CD/LP „Close To The Sun“ still claims to be a successful mix between „swingin’ Rockabilly, Fifties-Pop, Instrumental-Beat and kind of gallopin’ Western-Ballads“ [„Rolling Stone“, 10/2000].

In 2004, the Band had their first record on a swiss Label, featuring the 7” vinyl „The Vintage Tapes“ on SPRINTER RECORDS, CH. That single contained some very early recordings of the band almost unknown to many people so far, recorded in 1988 at BEAT STUDIO, Berlin-GER.

The Green Memphis”, published by Wolverine Records, the new album in 2015, is quite a cornerstone in the band’s history so far.

LOTA RED always make a great and enjoyable performance on stage, playing together in an experienced way and each gig – no matter if it’s just a small club or big stage – is an unforgettable experience. Bands like METEORS, DEMENTED ARE GO, RESTLESS and STRAY CATS also had great pleasure to have LOTA RED supporting their concerts.

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1. Reason
2. Lattigo
3. Traces
4. Pavement
5. Rotten In The Sun
6. Coma Girl
7. Let This Year Be Gone
8. Better Love
9. All Easy Way Out
10. Broken Hearts
11. The More Things Change
12. Sometimes
13. Big Wave
14. Q A Wrong
15. The Time We Spent

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