Lou Cifer And The Hellions - Welcome To Rockville! (CD)

Lou Cifer And The Hellions - Welcome To Rockville! (CD)


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LOU CIFER and the Hellions

They never wanted to be a commercial successful band and yet – or maybe because of that – they enjoy cult status internationally. Mission accomplished! An English rock’n’roll magazine nailed it and ranked the quartet among the hottest bands of the scene.
Since 1995, they have been distilling their distinctive sound in the dusty coal cellars and dark bomb shelters of the Ruhr Area in Germany. Many of their old albums are out of stock and now highly coveted collectibles. These albums will be finally released again on CD.

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  • 1. Rockville Stomp
  • 2. I'm Still juvenile
  • 3. Let's All Go Wild
  • 4. You've Never Been Gone
  • 5. Bad, Vile, Evil And Mean
  • 6. If You Ever
  • 7. Teddy Boy's Farewell
  • 8. Teddy Rock
  • 9. The Legend Lives On, Johnny Reb
  • 10. Be Boppin' Betty
  • 11. Tedious Boogie
  • 12. Millenium Rock
  • 13. Sideburns
  • 14. Do You Believe

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