Maddox Brothers & Rose - Most Colorful Hillbilly Band 4CD Box set (Käytetty CD)

Maddox Brothers & Rose - Most Colorful Hillbilly Band 4CD Box set (Käytetty CD)


This 4 CD set contains the complete Columbia recordings by the Maddox Bros. & Rose, Rosie & Rhetta, and Rose Maddox. The Maddoxes signed with Columbia in 1952, and for the next six years picked up where they had left off on 4-Star. This is rowdy, boisterous, good time country music, soulful gospel, and some of the best tradition-based music ever to find its way onto wax. The 96 titles include Ugly And Slouchy, I’ll Make Sweet Love To You, Cocquita Of Laredo, No Help Wanted, I Won’t Stand In Your Way, A Wooin’ We Will Go, Kiss Me Like Crazy, Hasty Baby, I Wonder If I Can Lose The Blues This Way, Wild Wild Young Men, Burrito Joe, The Death Of Rock ’n’ Roll, and Old Man Blues. No hits, but a whole lotta fun!

This set also includes a lavishly illustrated 28-page book with a biographical essay by Robert K. Oerman and notes on the music by Deke Dickerson.

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Kerrassaan mahtava boxi. Kunnon hillbillyä 50-luvulta! AIKOJA SITTEN UUTENA LOPPUUNMYYTY!

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Disc: 1
1. I'll Make Sweet Love To You
2. Take These Shackles From My Heart
3. Cocquita Of Laredo
4. Wedding Blues
5. Empty Mansions
6. Little Willie Waltz
7. The Hiccough Song
8. Green Grow The Licacs
9. No Help Wanted
10. Hearts And Flowers
11. Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown
12. Just Over The Stars
13. I'm A Little Red Caboose (On The Choo Choo Train Of Love)
14. These Wasted Years
15. The Nightingale Song
16. I'd Rather Die Young (Than Grow Old Without You)
17. Kiss Me Quick And Go
18. On Mexico's Beautiful Shores
19. I Won't Stand In Your Way
20. A Wooin' We Will Go
21. The Life That You've Led
22. Kiss Me Like Crazy
23. Just One More Time
24. Second Choice
Disc: 2
1. Beautiful Bouquet
2. A Kiss From Your Lips
3. My Child Has A Billy Goat
4. The Time Is Spring
5. Breathless Love
6. Hasty Baby
7. There's No Right Way To Do Me Wrong
8. The Birthday Card Song
9. You Won't Believe This
10. Forever Yours
11. I Could Never Stop Loving You
12. Fountain Of Youth
13. Marry Me Again
14. Poor Little Heartbroken Rose
15. I Wonder If I Can Lose The Blues This Way
16. Waltz Of The Pines
17. I've Got Four Big Brothers (To Look After Me)
18. I Gotta Go Get My Baby
19. A Rusty Old Halo
20. No More Time
21. Wild Wild Young Men
22. The Hoot-Owl Melody
23. Was There A Teardrop
24. I'm Gonna Be Loved Tonight
Disc: 3
1. Words Are So Easy To Say
2. Wild Wind
3. Hummingbird
4. When The Sun Goes Down
5. I'll Find Her
6. It's A Dark, Dark Place
7. Away This Side Of Heaven
8. I Wish You Would
9. Let This Be The Last Time
10. Old Black Choo-Choo
11. Tall Man
12. Hey Little Dreamboat
13. Burrito Joe
14. False Hearted
15. By The Sweat Of My Brow
16. Ugly And Slouchy
17. Paul Bunyan Love
18. The Death Of Rock And Roll
19. Your Sweet, Mean Heart
20. I'll Go Steppin' Too
21. Did You Ever Come Home
22. Looky There Over There
23. Let Those Brown Eyes Smile At Me
Disc: 4
1. Take A Gamble On Me
2. Tomorrow Land
3. Old Man Blues
4. 1-2-3-4 Anyplace Road (Somewhere U.S.A)
5. Love Is Strange
6. A Short Life And Its Troubles
7. My Life With You
8. Dig A Hole
9. Let Me Love You
10. The Donkey Song
11. Stop Whistlin' Wolf
12. The Way With God Is So Beautiful
13. Keep On Talking (Tell Him Everything)
14. Precious Memories
15. I Saw The Light
16. Someone To Care
17. Dear Lord Take My Hand
18. He Leadeth Me
19. Keep On Talking (Tell Him Everything)(2)
20. How Can You Refuse Him Now
21. No One Knows (What Faith Can Do)
22. Take My Hand, Precious Lord
23. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
24. Just Over The Stars
25. Bringing In The Sheaves

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