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Premiere: Change in the Weather: Janiva Magness Sings John Fogerty

Don’t You Wish? Janiva Magness, John Fogerty, Taj Mahal

| August 15th, 2019 Photo: Paul Moore

Tribute albums abound in every genre, from jazzed-up Jim Croce to the Beatles on bluegrass, but with Change in the Weather: Janiva Magness Sings John Fogerty, the Grammy-nominated artist bridges the gap between re-invention and tradition, offering up music like the classic Sarah Vaughan Sings George Gershwin, not DeathSpiral Does Dylan.

Twelve songs, curated from both the extensive catalogs of both Fogerty’s solo career and Creedence Clearwater Revival, are creatively re-framed in Magness’ soaring, soul-centered style. Magness, who has won the BB King Entertainer of the Year music award (plus six more wins and 28 nominations), duets with triple-Grammy-winner and American music icon Taj Mahal to lay down this truly memorable interpretation on her latest album.

Magness herself found “Don’t You Wish It Was True” special, telling Elmore, “I loved recording this track the most! It is a beautiful and joyful reminder of the world we know is within our reach. It is a joyful protest of the way we often treat each other and the need for change. Plus, the chance to sing with my dear friend and musical giant Taj Mahal was a true delight and is even more reason to celebrate…and—of course—Taj knocks it outta the park!”

We agree.

Magness is one of only two women—following blues giant Koko Taylor—to receive that prestigious Blues Foundation “B.B. King Entertainer of the Year” award which was presented to her at the Memphis ceremonies by King himself and Bonnie Raitt. Out September 13 on Blue Élan Records, Change in the Weather: Janiva Magness Sings John Fogerty may prove to be a landmark recording. Look for a good moon rising, and more awards to come.

Magness Janiva - Change In The Weather – Janiva Magness Sings John Fogerty (CD)


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    1. Change In The Weather
    2.  Lodi (feat. Sam Morrow)
    3. Someday Never Comes
    4. Wrote A Song For Everyone
    5. Don’t You Wish It Was True (feat. Taj Mahal)
    6. Have You Ever Seen The Rain
    7. Bad Moon Rising
    8. Blueboy
    9. Fortunate Son
    10. Deja Vu (All Over Again)
    11. A Hundred And Ten In The Shade
    12. Lookin’ Out My Back Door

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