Matchbox - Midnite Dynamos + Bonus (CD)

Matchbox - Midnite Dynamos + Bonus (CD)


Legendaarinen albumi vuodelta 1980. Nyt bonusbiisien kera! Ekaa kertaa virallinen julkaisu!!!!

At last a CD release for the second Magnet album from Matchbox Originally issued by Magnet Records in 1980 the album spent nine weeks in the UK charts eventually peaking at No.23. In Germany the album reached No.28 Features the hit singles Midnite Dynamos (UK No.14, Germany No.8), When You Ask About Love (UK No.4, Germany No.29) and Over The Rainbow (UK No.15, Germany No.42).

Now available with six bonus tracks Booklet features original LP artwork, detailed liner notes and pictures of related singles sleeves whilst the whole album has been re-mastered by Tim Turan. The original hit making line up of Matchbox are still a major attraction on the European Rock N Roll Revival scene and have dates lined up as follows

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  • 1. Midnite Dynamos
  • 2. Shocked N Shattered
  • 3. Checkin Out
  • 4. C Mon Let's Go
  • 5. Marie Marie
  • 6. Southern Boys
  • 7. Back-Row Romeo
  • 8. Sixteen Chicks
  • 9. Sweet Lolita
  • 10. When You Ask About Love
  • 11. Jellyroll
  • 12. Back Here In Boston
  • 13. Stranger In Nevada
  • 14. Love Is Going Out Of Fashion (New Single version)
  • 15. Scotted Dick
  • 16. You've Made A Fool Of Me
  • 17. Over The Rainbow-You Belong To Me
  • 18. Don't Break Up The Party
  • 19. Stay Cool

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