Matchbox - Settin` The Woods On Fire (CD)

Matchbox - Settin` The Woods On Fire (CD)


Legendaarinen toka albumi. Eka levy jossa Graham Fenton on laulajana. Viimeisen päälle loistava albumi!Matchbox are probably Britain’s most commercially successful Rockabilly band, having scored a string of hit records in the early 1980’s with songs like ’Rockabilly Rebel’, ’Midnight Dynamos’, ’When You Ask About Love’ and ’Buzz Buzz A Diddle It’.     After playing on Britain’s Rock ’n’ Roll scene for a few years in the late 70’s, they replaced original singer Wiffle Smith with the more charismatic Graham Fenton, and soon their Rockabilly sound was climbing high in the charts around the World!     ’Settin’ The Woods On Fire’ is perhaps the most important Matchbox album. It was the first to feature Fenton’s great vocals, and it was the album which gained them enough popularity and attention to achieve major international success. Many would say that it is their best work.     Matchbox meanwhile have retained a massive cult following around the world and have continued to play live and release top quality material.

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  • 1. Settin' the woods on fire
  • 2. Feel so bad
  • 3. Put the blame on me
  • 4. Who can I count on?
  • 5. Gunnin' for the dog
  • 6. My life, my love
  • 7. Circle rock
  • 8. Troublesome bay
  • 9. Let's start all over again
  • 10. Cruisin'
  • 11. While I'm away
  • 12. Nightfall

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