Four Piece Suit - Matinee Idylls (CD)

Four Piece Suit - Matinee Idylls (CD)


Album Description

It’s a rockin’ eclectic set of instrumentals (Well, okay, there is one vocal,) that’s at home in a smoky lounge with over-dressed patrons and over-dressed martinis. It just as much at home with half the room rocking while watching the other half swing. The Boston Globe (1/21/99) said, No Label for these Suits! Four Piece Suit does a swinging instrumental hybrid of surf. lounge, rock and jazz. The sound is suave and playful with non-stop banter between Dave Sholl’s sax and the three remaining pieces: Milt Reder’s guitar, Dean Cassell’s bass, and Lorne Entriss’s drums.

Four Piece Suit in the flesh–er, suits–whips up a nice camp-infected rumpus, and on disc it doesn’t disappoint. It’s new CD, ”Matinee Idyls,” is mostly composed of originals, mingled with covers such as a surfy take on Patti Page’s ’Old Cape Cod’ and ’It came from Ipanema,’ a woozy relation to the Ipanema song.”

About the Artist

The members of Four Piece Suit are tight the way only a band that has played together a long time can be. The members have played various styles of music with each other in various configurations, including several years as the major part of ’The Savages’ with Barrence Whitfield as vocalist. It was from an off the road accident on a snow-plagued European tour (with a driver who didn’t know how to drive in snow,) that ’In Pain in Paris’–a hit from the group’s first CD–was inspired.”

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  • 1. Dave's Happy Place
  • 2. Bombasteroid
  • 3. Go Ahead and Burn
  • 4. Sloppy Shopping
  • 5. Sneaky
  • 6. El Nino
  • 7. Yeah Yeah
  • 8. Romeoville
  • 9. Elevator Shaft
  • 10. Cara
  • 11. Granada/Blue Pavillion
  • 12. Blow-Air-O
  • 13. Regrettable
  • 14. Bender
  • 15. Roxotica
  • 16. Old Cape Cod
  • 17. It came from Ipanema