McPhatter Clyde - Hey Love 33rpm EP (7 single/EP)

McPhatter Clyde - Hey Love 33rpm EP (7 single/EP)


The one and only Clyde McPhatter. One of the greatest (or the GREATEST) r&b singers of all time, such a classic name, such a big influence for many other stars that came later, and still a great unknown for many people into the sounds of classic r&b.

The EP you are holding is almost a mini album! Six fantastic tracks ranging from floorfiller ”Deep Sea Ball”, to other great rockers like ”Hey love” or his later version of ”Such a night”.

Although we all know his biggest hits, some of his darker sides recorded during the early 60’s show him in top form, rockin’ and rollin’ like he always did. And the tracks on this EP are the best example!!

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Side 1:
1. Hey Love
2. Such A Night
3. Come What May

Side 2:
1. Deep Sea Ball
2. Climb That Mountain Of Love
3. I'm Moving On

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