Raging Teens - Melody Roundup: The Complete Collections 2CD (CD)

Raging Teens - Melody Roundup: The Complete Collections 2CD (CD)


The Raging Teens

People don’t realize it wasn’t that long ago that there was no internet, no social media, back in the 1990s it was just a completely different game out there for live music. In our little rockabilly world we began to hear about a band from Boston, young dudes and a female guitar player, and eventually we got our chance to see (and hang out with) The Raging Teens!

We were pals from the first time we met them. And of course, we’ve stayed pals with Kevin, the wise-cracking lead singer now calling himself Jittery Jack, and Miss Amy Griffin, the powerhouse lead guitarist that really set these “guys” apart from all the other bands back then. Miss Amy could really play, she was awesome!

As time went on, we got to know them better, and in particular the relationship between Kevin and Amy was pretty damn funny—I’m remembering Kevin having to bring a dress to each Raging Teens show because “Amy hates wearing dresses.” Amy got a tattoo of a giant steak on her leg, and I once asked her if it… more

released September 24, 2021

The Raging Teens are:

Kevin Patey – Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Amy Griffin – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Keith Schubert – Drums
Matt Murphy – Standup Bass

Mastered by Shorty Pool

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Vuosi 2021

1.That’s How I Like It 02:17
2.Grandpaw 02:17
3.Roving Eyes 01:45
4.Ain’t Worth The Time 02:02
5.Beantown Bop 01:59
6.Hot Rod Shotgun Boogie #2 02:14
7.Move Move Move 02:39
8.Cry 02:12
9.Bebop Boogie 01:45
10.Can’t Have You 02:30
11.C J Boogie 01:33
12.That’s How I Like It (Demo) 02:09
13.Grandpaw (Demo) 02:15
14.Move, Move, Move (Demo) 02:39
15.Hot Rod Shotgun Boogie (Demo) 02:10
16.Ain’t Worth The Time (Demo) 01:51
17.If I Can’t Have You (Demo) 02:29

18.Hit The Town 02:39
19.Let’s Drink Some Booze 02:53
20.Waiting Right Here 01:51
21.Rollin’ Pin Mim 01:38
22.Lies 03:43
23.Snowbound 03:04
24.Starry In The City 02:48
25.High Class Baby 02:05
26.Rock N’ Roll Party 03:04
27.Pretty Brown Eyes 02:48
28.Annabelle 03:24
29.Walkaround 01:29
30.I’m On Fire 01:43
31.Stayed Out Late Again (Extra) 01:47
32.Drinkin’ Age (Swelltunes Records) 01:34
33.Taco Party (Swelltunes Records) 02:23