Meteors - Live At The Hellfire Club (Blue & white splatter) (LP)

Meteors - Live At The Hellfire Club (Blue & white splatter) (LP)


Licensed from Cherry Red Records LTD. UK, originally on video on Jettisoundz and later reissued on DVD here is the whole set of the gig,for the first time on record!!
20 tracks in 45 minutes!! pure fast rabid psychobilly at its best, cut down by the same line up who made the classic Live 1,(Fenech, Ginger, Rick Ross).
Limited to 200 copies, 50 each, black, white, red and blue.

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Wreckin Bones Records




A1 Lonesome Train
A2 I Ain't Ready
A3 Ain't Gonna Bring Me Down
A4 When A Stranger Calls
A5 I Don't Worry About It
A6 Voodoo Rhythm
A7 The Hills Have Eyes
A8 Wild Thing
A9 Get Off My Cloud
A10 Rawhide

B1 You Crack Me Up
B2 Mutant Rock
B3 Graveyard Stomp
B4 Blue Sunshine
B5 Wreckin' Crew
B6 I Am Insane
B7 These Boots Were Made For Walking
B8 Long Blonde Hair
B9 Rockabilly Psychosis
B10 I Don't Worry About It

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