MFC Chicken - Fast Food & Broken Hearts (LP)

MFC Chicken - Fast Food & Broken Hearts (LP)


MFC Chicken play raw, sax-fueled rock and roll tunes about fast food and broken hearts. When tenor sax player Spencer Evoy arrived in London fresh from Canada, little did he know that his quest to reignite the spirit of the rock’n’roll sound of the American Pacific Northwest would start outside a chicken shop on the Holloway Road. If you are hungry for the greasiest item on the rhythm and blues dance menu, then you are most definitely ready for the indescribable, unstoppable sound of MFC Chicken!

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Dirty Water Records




1 Always, Always, Always
2 KFC Called The Cops On Me
3 Who Gave What To Who?
4 Shell of a Man
5 I’m Lost
6 I Couldn’t Say No
7 Fresh Chicken, Straight From The Trash
8 Spy Wail
9 Spontaneous Combust
10 Breakfast Taters
11 Fuck You, Me
12 Free Range Man
13 Tipi Tapa
14 Waste Of Space

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