Montesas - Midnight Beat (LP)

Montesas - Midnight Beat (LP)


WOAH..We’ve been waiting a long time for this to arrive….Originally released in early 2003, this was really the 1st Montesas album as the ’1st Montesas album, Rockers & Shakers’ was more or less a solo M.Bontempi release. They manage to squeeze an amazing 17 tracks onto this slab of vinyl, delivering their trademark mix of Rockabilly, 60 Garage, Beat and even a dash of Surf….But not only that, for the lucky few, there are a very limited amount pressed on blue vinyl…..You know the score by now, you snooze you lose ! Don’t forget to check out our other Marcel Bontempi / Montesas vinyl….

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Paino 0.3 kg
Mitat 35 × 35 × 0.5 cm
Tuottaja Trash Wax
Vuosi 2021

1. Cleopatra`s Chamber
2. Jeanie, Jeannie
3. She`s Always Late
4. Midnight Beat
5. Evil Woman
6. New Club In Town
7. Working Hard
8. Blues No 2
9. Last Summerdays
10. Voyage To Sirius
11. One And Only
12. Igor`s Party
13. She`s Just A Friend
14. Big Brown Eyes
15. Back Into My Arms
16. Everyday Girls
17. Can`t Be Your Lover

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