Mighty Blue Kings - Alive In The City (Käytetty CD)

Mighty Blue Kings - Alive In The City (Käytetty CD)


Chicago, IL Region:Mid-West Description: Mighty Blue Kings’ fifth independent album, ’Alive In The City’, is the band’a long awaited, most ambitious, and mature piece of work to date. It draws from influences that are steeped in Chicago’s rich musical traditions. The album begins with the rhythmic pulse of Tryin’ to Have a Good Time” and concludes soulfully with the powerful ”Gimme Love”, both of which are the result of MBK bandleader/vocalist Ross Bon’s collaboration with soul legend Gene McDaniels. With eight original titles and three covers, the Mighty Blue Kings illustrate once again, their ability of interpretation and originality through their distinct and definitive rhythm-and-blues-sound.”

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  • 1. Trying To Have A Good Time
  • 2. Lonely For Your Love
  • 3. Alive In The City
  • 4. Devils On My Back
  • 5. Will It Go Round In Circles
  • 6. My Heart Is True
  • 7. It Ain`t No Fun To Me
  • 8. Call Me Honey
  • 9. How Long, How Long
  • 10. Your Good Thing
  • 11. Gimme Love

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