Various - Modern Records Story (CD)

Various - Modern Records Story (CD)


By Crawford Anderson

Running at over 79 minutes and sequenced for optimum listening pleasure the Modern Records Story functions on a number of levels. It contains most of the big hits which put the Modern group of labels (which included RPM, Flair and Kent) on the map in the decade after the war, many of them especially re-mastered for this CD.

Though Modern lacked the commercial profile of, say, Chess it was no less successful, boasting a roster which included John Lee Hooker and B.B. King who was to Modern in the blues field what Chuck Berry became to Chess in the pop arena.

Here are the pop hits of the mid-1950s (by, amongst others, the Cadets, Jesse Belvin, and the Teen Queens) and the big R&B smashes including, post-war classics such as John Lee Hooker’s eerie I’m In The Mood, Rosco Gordon’s seminal No More Doggin’ (an important record in the development of Jamaican ska and reggae) and B.B. King’s timelessdebut hit, Three O’ Clock Blues.

The story wouldn’t be complete without a couple of influential recordings by the legendary Elmore James, nor have we forsaken Ike & Tina Turner, Etta James or Lowell Fulson whose Tramp was successfully revived by Otis Redding and Carla Thomas on Stax. Jimmy McCracklin is represented by I’m Gonna Tell Your Mother, currently a hot favourite in Northern Soul circles according to Ady Croasdell. It’s the first time this 1955 recording has appeared on CD.

Bonded by a common thread and intelligent programming, these 30 choicest cuts from the Modern inventory actually sound as though they belong together. In fact, played from end to end, The Modern Records Story comes across like a radio show beaming onto the American night circa 1956.

Rob Finnis’ annotation is both entertaining and enlightening while the booklet itself is a pictorial delight. The Modern Records Story is at once a taster, a comprehensive overview and, perhaps most importantly, an invigorating listening experience.

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  • 1. I Can't Believe What You Say - Ike & Tina Turner
  • 2. Tramp - Lowell Fulson
  • 3. Dust My Blues / Blues Before Sunrise - Elmore James
  • 4. Three Hours Past Midnight - Johnny Guitar" Watson
  • 5. Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams) - Jesse Belvin
  • 6. Mary Lou - Young Jessie
  • 7. Cubano Jump - Ike Turner
  • 8. Stranded In The Jungle - Cadets
  • 9. Why Don't You Write Me - Jacks
  • 10. My Baby Stole Off - Howling Wolf
  • 11. Cherry Pie - Marvin & Johnny
  • 12. No More Doggin' - Rosco Gordon
  • 13. Oop Shoop - Shirley Gunter
  • 14. Jake Head Boogie - Lightning Hopkins
  • 15. Mama's Little Baby - Junior Thompson with the Meteors
  • 16. Eddie My Love - Teen Queens
  • 17. Three O' Clock Blues - B B King
  • 18. Go Devil Go - Ira Mae Littlejohn
  • 19. In The Mood - John Lee Hooker
  • 20. Texas Hop - Pee Wee Crayton
  • 21. Peaches 'n' Cream - Ikettes
  • 22. Good Rockin' Daddy - Etta James
  • 23. The Girl In My Dreams - Cliques
  • 24. The Big Break - Richard Berry
  • 25. Gonna Tell Your Mother - Jimmy McCracklin
  • 26. I Need Someone (To Love Me) - Z.Z. Hill
  • 27. All Night Long - Joe Houston

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