Various - Modern Vocal Groups Vol 1 (CD)

Various - Modern Vocal Groups Vol 1 (CD)


”Upea sarja west coast Doo Woppia 50-luvulta.

by Peter Gibbon


This is the first volume in our comprehensive review of vocal group recordings from the Modern stable. Focusing on 1950-54, covering various flavours of doo wop. In addition to the Modern label itself, the Los-Angeles based Bihari brothers released vocal group sides on the Crown, Flair and RPM marques. Volume 1 covers all of these, as will future releases in the series.

Well-known doo wop experts Gordon Skadberg and George Povall of Early Bird Records in Long Island, New York, have chosen the tracks. It features a mixture of original releases, alternative versions and previously unreleased sides from groups whose members often included artists destined for later solo careers. The Flairs alone, represented on this CD by I Had A Love and Tell Me You Love Me; included Richard Berry (of Louie Louie fame), Cornell Gunter (later with the Coasters) and Young Jessie in their line-up. Similarly, Marvin Phillips, spotlighted here as lead singer of the Barons on Forever, became half of the Marvin & Johnny duo responsible for the classic Cherry Pie; and Arthur Lee Maye, featured in recordings by the Five Hearts and the Crowns, was also a successful major league baseball player.

Fans of the female lead are not forgotten, with Mickey Champion on the Nic Nacs song Found Me A Sugar Daddy. The Nic Nacs comprised Mickey, backed up by the Robins, who at that time were under contract to the Savoy label. The Robins appear under their own name (which varies on the records from Robins to Robbins and back again!), with the distinctive bass vocal of Bobby Nunn, on three of their numbers including Double Crossing Baby.”

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  • 1. Don Julian &The Meadowlarks - Love Only You
  • 2. Bobby Nunn With The Robbins - That's What The Good Book Says
  • 3. The Five Hearts - Let Me Be Your Man
  • 4. Oscar McLollie & His Honey Jumpers - Be Cool My Heart
  • 5. The Flairs - I Had A Love
  • 6. The Original Jubalaires - You Better Stop
  • 7. Arthur Lee Maye & The Crowns - I Wanna Love
  • 8. The Drifters - Sacroiliac Swing
  • 9. The Robins - I Made A Vow
  • 10. The Original Jubalaires - Dreaming Of The Ladies In The Moon
  • 11. Oscar McLollie & His Honey Jumpers - Love Me Tonight
  • 12. Marvin Phillips & The Barons - Forever
  • 13. Arthur Lee Maye & The Crowns - Set My Heart Free
  • 14. The Flairs - Tell Me You Love Me
  • 15. The Native Boys - Native Girl
  • 16. Mickey Champion & The Nic Nacs - Found Me A Sugar Daddy
  • 17. Oscar McLollie & His Honey Jumpers - Falling In Love With You
  • 18. The Five Hearts - The Fine One
  • 19. Don Julian & The Meadowlarks - Real Pretty Mama
  • 20. The Native Boys - It Won't Take Long
  • 21. The Five Hearts - Please Please Baby
  • 22. The Robins - Double Crossin' Baby
  • 23. The Original Jubalaires - Waiting All My Life For You
  • 24. The Drifters - The World Is Changing

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