Moon Mullican - Moonshine Jamboree (CD)

Moon Mullican - Moonshine Jamboree (CD)


Moon Mullican was billed The King of the Hillbilly Piano Players. He played in the early ’30s Western Swing bands of Cliff Bruner and Buddy Jones and his deep blues-drenched vocals were the perfect addition to the hot cowboy jazz of the era. In 1946 he signed for King and this excellent CD spans his career from that first year with the label through until 1954. It’s 23 tracks are a joyous celebration of the kind of Texan country roots that were later revived by Asleep At The Wheel (who cut Cherokee Boogie on their first album) and Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen. Among the highlights are Pipeliner Blues, Cherokee Boogie, I’ll Sail My Ship Alone and Well Oh Well.

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  • 1. Hey Mr Cottonpicker
  • 2. Leaving You With A Worried Mind
  • 3. What's The Matter With The Mill
  • 4. Pipeliner Blues
  • 5. Triflin' Woman Blues
  • 6. Nine Tenths Of The Tennessee River
  • 7. Cherokee Boogie
  • 8. All I Need Is You
  • 9. I'll Sail My Ship Alone
  • 10. Good Deal Lucille
  • 11. Moonshine Blues
  • 12. Rocket To The Moon
  • 13. Downstream
  • 14. I Done It
  • 15. Goodnight Irene
  • 16. Rheumatism Boogie
  • 17. Well Oh Well
  • 18. Don't Ever Take My Picture Down
  • 19. The Lonesome Hearted Blues
  • 20. It's A Sin To Love You Like I Do
  • 21. I'm Gonna Move Home Bye And Bye
  • 22. I Left My Heart In Texas
  • 23. I'll Take Your Hat Right Off My Rack

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