Various - More Boss Black Rockers Vol. 3 – All Shook Up (CD)

Various - More Boss Black Rockers Vol. 3 – All Shook Up (CD)


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Ladies, gentlemen, and anyone in between, after the massive (and I must say unexpected) success of the 10-volume series ”Boss Black Rockers” I decided to get back to work and found 280 new tracks for a new series of ten killer volumes. I focused on stuff never or rarely heard anywhere else and also not already been used for other Koko-Mojo Records compilations. That was actually pretty easy. The hard part was finding a cool name for this new series. More often than not ”Easy Does It” so I decided to simply (and cleverly) call it ”MORE Boss Black Rockers”.

As y’all already know, so many similar projects were devoted through the years to white rock and rollers (even the most obscure and unknown) and very little to the people that not only ”originated” this music and played it long before white musicians started to fool around with it. They also continued to play it when black Rhythm and Blues music was suddenly re-named ”Rock and Roll” to appeal to a wider white audience in segregated America and became a multi-racial genre in the mid-1950s. Once again, some tunes are pretty well-known, but the vast majority are not. Chances are that you never-ever heard a lot of the tracks included here – even if a lot of them were pretty popular in the 1950s among both black and white Rock and Roll fans. Most of the artists in this new series (just like the first one) were actually household names in the ”Rock and Roll World” of the ’50s and early ’60s. When Rock & Roll history was re-written from a strictly white rock standpoint only a few black rockers were included (maybe less than a dozen) when actually back in the day almost every African-American R&B act (maybe a MILLION or more) was actually Rock & Roll and white artists were actually a minority for a long time. So ”BLACK” by popular demand here’s to you ”MORE Boss Black Rockers.” DIG IT!

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01. Art Neville – Zing Zing (Neville) Speciality 637 1958
02. Ray Agee and Elly Johnson – True Lips (Agee, Johnson) Ebb 111 1957
03. Jimmy Breedlove – That’s My Baby (Breedlove, White) Atco 45-6094 1957
04. Joe Johnson – Cool Love (Carrell) Cascade 5909 1959
05. Professor Longhair – Look What You’re Doing To Me (Byrd) Ebb 106 1957
06. Rockin’ Sidney and His All-Stars – Rocky (Simien) Fame 2002-45 1957
07. Peppermint Harris – Bye Bye, Fare Thee Well (Davis) Modern 45X936 1954
08. Don Covay & The Goodtimers – Shake wid the Shake (Covay, Berry) Columbia 4-41981 1961
09. Willie Hayden – Turn The Hi-Fi Down (Chambers) Dooto 452 1959
10. The Five Keys – She’s The Most (Berlin) Capitol 45-21025 1956
11. Ruth Brown – Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean (Wallace, Lance) Phillips 40056 1962
12. Mel Williams – Send Me A Picture Baby (Cosgrove) Federal 45-12241 1955
13. Big Bee Kornegay – Exposition Rock (Maxwell) Moonglow 5080×45 1958
14. Esquerita – Crazy Crazy Feelin’ (Arnold) Capitol T 1186 1959
15. Googie Rene – Big Foot (Johnston, Vikki) Class 239 1958
16. Otis Blackwell – All Shook Up (Blackwell) MGM SE 3912 1961
17. Wynonie Harris – Down Boy Down (Glover, Weismantel) King 4685 1953
18. Bobby Please – Your Drivers License, Please (Saraceno, Please) Era 45-1044 1957
19. Huey “Piano” Smith with his Clowns – Don’t You Know Yockomo (Vincent, Smith) Ace 553 1958
20. Charles Calhoun – My Pigeons Gone (Davenport) Groove 4G-0149 1956
21. The Cruisers – Don’t Tease Me (Hamilton) Guyden 2069 1962
22. Lloyd George – Frog Hunt (George, Riddle) Imperial 5896 1962
23. Artie Wilson – That’s My Baby (Weisman, Wilson) Kent 45×313 1958
24. The Eastmen – Bye Bye My Baby (Vonn) Mercury 71434 1959
25. Dossie (Thunderbird) Terry – Skinny Ginny (Gray, Terry) Amp 3 A-2113-8X 1958
26. Don and Dewey – Jelly Bean (Harris, Terry) Speciality 610 1957
27. Rochell & The Candles – Squat With Me Baby (Hunter, Henderson) Swingin’ 45-640 1962
28. Tender Smith – Teenage Hayride (Vann) Grey Cliff 723 1959

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