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Various - More Doo Wop Christmas Gems (CD)


More Doo Wop Christmas Gems, Koko Mojo Records (KM-CD-95) is a thirty-song compilation full of Christmas cheer, and the plethora of sounds are compiled with the joyful holiday period in mind. The album embraces songs about, dancing, Santa Claus, the Holy Night, returning home, and bringing in a brand-new year. The album is a musical all-around look at the traditions which are aspects of the celebration, sang by both Negro and a handful of Caucasian artists. The staff at Koko Mojo Records metaphorically raises a glass and wishes you, your family, and friends all the best and a prosperous New Year, and we thank you for your continued support. Press: More Doo Wop Christmas Gems – Koko Mojo Records (KM-CD-95) More Doo Wop Christmas Gems, Koko Mojo Records (KM-CD-95) is a thirty-song album that is full of Christmas cheer, and the plethora of sounds are compiled especially for the joyful holiday of goodwill. The season gets colder, but our hearts grow warmer as we sit around the fire, eating, drinking, and making merry with friends and family. More Doo Wop Christmas Gems are compiled to bring a smile to your face through the sourced musical memories based upon an Old-Fashioned/ Traditional Christmas. The album continues the concept of Let’s Have A Doo Wop Christmas (KM-CD-78) with a flashback to earlier times with songs about Santa Claus, either getting hip (The Marquees), doing the boogie, or getting the blues (The Voices and Huey ”Piano” Smith). The coming together of family and friends I’ll Be Home For Christmas (The Pilgrim Travellers), or sadness when away from someone, Marvin & The Chirps I Will Miss You This Christmas or the ultimate separation through incarceration, Christmas In Jail (The Youngsters). The colorful aspect of Christmas is approached through decoration, The Christmas Tree (The Episodes) and excitement of things soon to happen, Limbo Under The Bed (The Classic Four). A sprinkling of seasonal humor is included Santa Claus Got Stuck (In My Chimney) (Ella Fitzgerald), merriment and fantasy, Dance Mr. Snowman Dance (The Crew Cuts), and childhood memories of the Winter Wonderland (Blue Notes). The album furthermore emphasizes the latter part of the celebration namely the ringing of the bells and a brand-new year and the resolution made by people (The Dell Vues and The Faces), the proclamation of, Hello Mr. New Year (The Cool Breezers). The album is concluded with the question asked of family, friends, and lovers, What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve (Dante and The Evergreens).

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Mitat 14,2 × 12,5 × 1 cm (senttimetri)
Tuotekoodi KM-CD-95
Tuottaja Koko Mojo Records
Vuosi 2021

01 The Marquees Santa Done Got Hip (Fisher/Sherman/Sherman) Warner Bros. Records 5127
02 The Voices Santa Claus Boogie (Reeves) Cash Records 1016
03 Huey’Piano’Smith & The Clowns White Christmas Blue (Smith) Ace Records LP 1027
04 Eartha Kitt Santa Baby (Javits/Springer/Springer) RCA Victor 47-5502
05 The Marcels Merry Twist-Mas (Wolfson/Hall/Singleton) Colpix Records CP 15011
06 The Episodes The Christmas Tree (Koch) Four Seasons Records LU 1014
07 The Youngsters Christmas in Jail (Blake/Hoffman) Empire Records 109
08 Barry & The Highlights Christmas Bell Rock (Parker) Airmaster AM 700
09 Hank Ballard and The Midniters Santa Claus Is Coming (Ballard) King Records 45-5729
10 The Four Imperials Santas Got A Coupe de Ville (Fraser) Twirl 45-2005
11 The Del-Vetts I Want A Boy For Christmas (Page/Kiler) End E-1106
12 Nat King Cole Mrs Santa Claus (Houle/Hazel/Houle) Capitol Records F2616
13 The Crew Cuts Dance Mr. Snowman Dance (Peretti/Creatore) Mercury 70491
14 The Mills Brothers You Don’t Have To Be Santa Claus (When Christmas Comes Around) (Ellis) Decca 9-29754
15 The Faces Christmas (Vitale/Edan) Iguana 601
16 Ella Fitzgerald Santa Claus Got Stuck In My Chimney (Moore/Hardy) Decca 9-27255
17 George Hall Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (vocal) Sonny Schuyler (Gillespie/Coots) Bluebird B-7279
18 The Pixies Santa’s Too Fat For The Hula Hoop (Chamberlain/Connor/Fotine/Stanton) Balboa 45-007
19 The Classic Four Limbo Under The Christmas Tree (Marshall) Algonquin 45-1650
20 The Demensions Count Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep (Berlin) Coral 62277
21 Statues White Christmas (Berlin) Liberty F-55292
22 Blue Notes Winter Wonderland (Bernard/Smith) Val-ue Records 215
23 The Pilgrim Travellers I‘ll Be Home For Christmas (Kent/Ran/Gannon) Specialty SP-837-45
24 Blue Notes Oh Holy Night (Traditional) Val-ue Records 215
25 The Cool Breezers Hello Mr New Year (White) Bale 102
26 John Gaudet And The Laurels Christmas Will Soon Be Here (Gaudet) Mary Glen G-1001
27 Marvin and the Chirps I Will Miss You This Christmas (sinsheimer/Williams) Tip Top Records 202
28 The Del Vues New Years Eve (Sheppard) U-Town 8008
29 The Faces New Years Resolution (Vitale/Vitale/Biaso) Iguana 601
30 Dante And The Evergreens What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve (Loesser) Madison Records M143


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