Brains - No Brain No Pain + Bonus tracks (CD)

Brains - No Brain No Pain + Bonus tracks (CD)


Brand new reissue of the 2005 debut album from punkabilly all-stars The Brains!

This is the album that kicked it all off including the hugely popular fan favorite “Black Jack Death Bet” plus “No Brain No Pain,” “Crazy Paradise” and lots more!

The Brains have been remarkably busy recently releasing superb remixes of tracks by Carl Perkins, The Platters, Larry Wallis, Robert Gordon and more!

Include 6 bonus tracks – demo versions recorded just prior to the full album and even more raw and energetic!

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Mitat 14,2 × 12,5 × 1 cm (senttimetri)
Tuotekoodi CLO3950CD
Tuottaja Cleopatra
Vuosi 2023

1. No Brain, No Pain
2. Full Moon Overseas
3. Black Jack Death Bet
4. Taste Your Blood
5. One Step Forward
6. 20 Beers
7. Train (Keeps A Rollin’ On)
8. Little Drinks
9. Dead Corpses
10. Don’t Wanna
11. So Glad That It’s Over
12. Crazy Paradise
BONUS TRACKS (Demo Versions)
13. Murcielagos
14. I’m So Glad
15. I Don’t Wanna
16. Full Moon
17. Crazy Paradise
18. Little Drinks

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