Wild Rooster - No Way Out Of Hell (CD)

Wild Rooster - No Way Out Of Hell (CD)


Viides albumi. Toimii!! Since 2007, WILD ROOSTER has first conquered the swedish and then the world?s rockin? scene with their ’Wild & Pure Rock?n?Roll?. They play hard-rockin? Rock?n?Roll in the vein of scene pioneers like JOHNNY BURNETTE , GENE VINCENT CHARLIE FEATHERS and as well in the spirit of the british revival with acts like CRAZY CAVAN or SHOTGUN.Their ’Teddyboy Style’ is obviously the trademark of the band who likes to offer a subtly dark and sinister image.’No Way Out Of Hell’ continues skillfully what they already started on their previous album ’Take It Off’ (2011, PART RECORDS) so perfectly: Hard driving rockabilly songs like ’Angels’,’ Running Against Time’, ?Train To Heaven’ or ’My Inner Beast’, 9 of the 12 songs are impeccable own compositions, which fit perfect to the cover songs like ’All I Can Do Is Cry’ (WAYNE WALKER)or the traditional ’Old Black Joe’.The Band:STEVE RIOT aka STEFAN JÄGERMYR (vocals / rhythm guitar)LITTLE JOE (lead guitar)BOOGIE MAN (bass)CRAZY CHRIS (drums)’No Way Out Of Hell’ will make all the Teds & Rockers happy who have been waiting for the next album of these swedish guys.PURE SWEDISH KICK-ASS ROCK’N’ROLL !

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  • 1. King Of Dreams
  • 2. Angels
  • 3. On The Other Side
  • 4. I'm Coming Home
  • 5. Running Against Time
  • 6. No Way Out Of Hell
  • 7. Old Black Joe
  • 8. Train To Heaven
  • 9. All I Can Do Is Cry
  • 10. Rockin' Little Jill
  • 11. My Inner Beast
  • 12. Crying When It Rains

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