Hellbound Glory - Nobody Knows You (CD)

Hellbound Glory - Nobody Knows You (CD)


2022 release. Hellbound Glory returns with The Immortal Hellbound Glory: Nobody Knows You, following up their acclaimed Pure Scum and their 10-million-plus-streamed-album Pinball.

Produced by Grammy Award winner Shooter Jennings, the album weaves in and out of classic Leroy Virgil country, and dabbles in blues and folk, including standards and new cuts from Virgil.

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Mitat 14,2 × 12,5 × 1 cm (senttimetri)
Tuotekoodi BKCO55.2
Tuottaja Black Country
Vuosi 2022

1 Reeling Down
2 13 Corners
3 Can’t Wait To Never See You Again
4 Word Gets Around
5 Nobody Knows You
6 Evacuation Song
7 My Woman’s Whiskey Kiss
8 Wednesday’s Women
9 Didn’t Die Young (Ain’t Done Trying)
10 Trouble In Mind

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