Gray Billy - Nowhere To Go (But Out Of My Mind) (CD)

Gray Billy - Nowhere To Go (But Out Of My Mind) (CD)


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Previously unavailable on vinyl for more than 50 years, this rare collection of tracks presents a wealth of hits that helped define country music in the ‘60s – and beyond!

If you don’t remember Western Swing in its heyday, or the first generation of Texas Honky Tonk, you may not know Billy Gray. Aside from a select group of music aficionados and musicologists, Billy Gray’s name and significant contributions to country music and western swing have simply gone unrecognized for far too long.

Musically, there were many shades of Billy Gray. Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Performer, Arranger, Bandleader. Whether on stage or in the studio, Billy Gray personified what this music was – and still is – all about.

Billy played behind some of Country Music’s biggest names – Hank Thompson, Ray Price and Willie Nelson – served as Thompson’s and Price’s bandleader – and built quite a following in his own right with his own bands, The Western Okies, The Nuggets and The Cowtowners.

Billy Gray, together with the legendary Hank Thompson created a wealth of hits that helped to define the country music of an era, and beyond, helped launch the career of future rockabilly legend Wanda Jackson, and greatly influenced the future sound of country music.

— Joe Hopkins

Rarely heard tracks from the personification of country, western swing, and Texas honky-tonk!

Reissued on CD for the first time!

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Tuottaja Americana Anthropology
Vuosi 2023

1. Wake Me If I’m Dreaming
2. You Got Caught
3. Look Again Fortune Teller
4. How Would She Look In A Kitchen
5. I Feel Sorry For Him
6. Rotten Love
7. I’ll Find A Way (To Free Myself)
8. Neon Lights
9. Heart Of A Beggar (Mind Of A Fool)
10. Big Hearted Sue
11. Downtown Dallas
12. Completely Confused
13. Nowhere To Go (But Out Of My Mind)
14. For No Reason
15. I’ll Go Broke Loving You
16. I Don’t Want To Ever Feel This Way Again

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