O` Quin Gene - Boogie Woogie Fever (CD)

O` Quin Gene - Boogie Woogie Fever (CD)


Tiukkaa Hillbilly beatiä 50-luvun alusta. Paljon vaikutteita jo tulevasta rockabilly aallosta.

Now here’s an overdue release. Gene O’Quin was a Texas-born, California-based honky tonk singer who died before he could garner much acclaim for uptempo stomps like Pinball Millionaire, Too Hot To Handle, That Mobilin’ Baby Of Mine, and many other sides that have become collector favorites over the years. Here, Bear Family has carefully selected Gene’s best sides from his Capitol and Intro recordings (1950-1955). The 30 songs included not only feature some of the best west coast recordings from those years, but also the cream of jazz-oriented Capitol studio vets, Speedy West, Jimmy Bryant, Merle Travis, Billy Liebert, Harold Hensley, and others. This is sharp, swinging, personable music that deserves a wider audience. Fans of rockabilly, west coast country and Texas honky tonk music should snap it up.

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  • 1. Boogie Woogie Fever
  • 2. The Pinball Millionaire
  • 3. Mobilin' Baby Of Mine
  • 4. You Name It (She's Got It)
  • 5. Devil On My Shoulder (And An Angel In My Arms)
  • 6. Too Hot To Handle
  • 7. I Believe In Lovin'
  • 8. Someone's Gonna Be Lonely
  • 9. Texas Boogie
  • 10. Heads You Win (Tails I Lose)
  • 11. Keep A
  • 12. Talkin' Baby
  • 13. I'm Gonna Take My Baby Dancing
  • 14. That's My Desire
  • 15. I Specialize In Love
  • 16. No Parking Here
  • 17. I'll Stop Loving You
  • 18. It's No Wonder
  • 19. Come Around To Me
  • 20. Tired
  • 21. I Get The Blues
  • 22. I Don't Know Anything About Love
  • 23. Let Me Change Your Name
  • 24. Convicted
  • 25. You Played Around With My Heart
  • 26. Stand Back And Let Me At That Gal
  • 27.  (You're Gonna Have To Stop) That Low Down Running Around
  • 28. I Can't Stand The Thought Of Losing You
  • 29. Joe, Joe, Joe
  • 30. You're Smiling At Another
  • 31. I Searched The Crowd