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Tyson Ian - Ol’ Eon (CD)


Ol’ Eon’ is a Classic Ian Tyson release, now being re-issued in 2023! In 1973, when this Classic title was first released, Ian Tyson was still watching the West as he was seeing it change – and not always for the better. Still writing about love, horses, and the country and sky he loved. Ian Tyson (September 25, 1933 – December 29, 2022) was a Canadian singer-songwriter who wrote several famous folk songs, including ”Four Strong Winds” and ”Someday Soon”. He first gained international recognition in the duo Ian & Sylvia (with his former wife Sylvia Tyson.)

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Tuottaja Stony Plain Music
Vuosi 2023

Some Kind of Fool
2 Bad Times Were So Easy
3 Blueberry Susan
4 Sam Bonnifield’s Saloon
5 If She Just Helps Me
6 Lord, Lead Me Home
7 Great Canadian Tour
8 She’s My Greatest Blessing
9 Spanish Johnny
10 The Girl Who Turned Me Down
11 The North Saskatchewan
12 Love Can Bless the Soul of Anyone

Tyson Ian