Brother Boys - On The Honky Tonk Highway With (2-CD) (CD)

Brother Boys - On The Honky Tonk Highway With (2-CD) (CD)


2-CD (Digisleeve) with 36 page booklet, 51 tracks. Total playing time approx. 157 min.

Bear Family Records® presents the Brother Boys, an Americana act from East Tennessee founded in the late 1980s by Ed Snodderly and Eugene Wolf, still active these days.
The individual style mix of classic country, folk, old-time, bluegrass, blues, rockabilly, gospel, and singer-songwriter pop stubbornly resists any pigeonholing and still sounds ahead of its time.
Described by the band itself as ’New Hillbilly Music,’ the Brother Boys carry musical traditions from the last century into the modern day.
The album includes nearly all of the tracks from the 1988 debut album, a host of tracks from the two albums originally released on Sugar Hill, as well as eight unreleased live and radio recordings and selections from the 2021 comeback album.
Compiled and annotated by Appalachian music expert Ted Olson, the double album delivers 51 songs, extensive interviews and numerous photos, some published for the first time.
Marcus Heumann has sensitively remastered the recordings from the original sources.

Whether in concert or on recordings, The Brother Boys – bandleaders Ed Snodderly and Eugene Wolf and their various bandmates – for more than three decades have created music reflecting the influence of several roots music styles while remaining original, true to their own sound.

Deeply rooted in the past yet ahead of their time, The Brother Boys have been overlooked precisely because their music is not easily categorizable. In 1988, Snodderly, Wolf, and some bandmates recorded the group’s eponymous debut album for their own label, New Hillbilly Records. The Brother Boys were steeped in the histories of several musical genres, with a repertoire that drew from – but did not imitate – classic country, folk, old-time, bluegrass, blues, rockabilly, gospel, and singer-songwriter pop.

What rendered The Brother Boys’ music distinctive was its organic blend of ingredients: Snodderly’s and Wolf’s authoritative lead vocals and adventurous ‘brother duo’-style harmony singing; older but not overly familiar standards mixed with Snodderly’s evocative original songs; as well as deft and daring acoustic and electric guitar playing from Snodderly with skilled instrumental support from a merry band of string and percussion wizards.

‘New Hillbilly Music’ compiles 51 Brother Boys recordings made between 1988 and 2022. Newly remastered, these recordings include virtually all of the band’s ultra-rare debut album, numerous Brother Boys classics from two acclaimed Sugar Hill Records albums, 8 previously unreleased live radio and concert performances, several Brother Boys gems originally found on other albums, and key tracks from the recent comeback album ‘More Mule’.

Including rare photographs documenting the history of The Brother Boys alongside a revelatory interview with Snodderly and Wolf, this Bear Family Records® album (the third album in the label’s ‘On The Honky Tonk Highway’ series) will take the listener on a rollicking drive up and down the backroads of a rolling, and at times majestically mountainous, Appalachian landscape. Embodying music traditions without being bound by them, these recordings reveal The Brother Boys to be far more than a moldy revivalist act.

With fans of American roots music worldwide presently acknowledging the 100th anniversary of the emergence of the genre once called ‘hillbilly music’ (i.e., country music), ‘New Hillbilly Music’ showcases songs, sounds, and styles that coalesced in the 1920s, flourished throughout the 20th century, and continue to evolve and inspire in the 21st century.

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Tuottaja Bear Family Records
Vuosi 2023

CD 1
01 Wanna Wanna Wanna
02 Blue From Now On
03 The Diamond Stream
04 Majestic
05 The First Time
06 Loose Talk
07 (You’ve Got The Look Of A) Perfect Diamond
08 Tango Till They’re Sore
09 Two Men The
10 Blue Days, Black Nights
11 Town That Never Sleeps
12 My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You
13 Black Fifty Ford
14 Nickel Plate Road
15 I’m No Longer In Your Heart
16 Joardan Am A Hard Road To Travel
17 Small Southern Town
18 Pinto Pony
19 The Great Atomic Power
20 Gonna Row My Boat
21 Kiss The Dream Girl
22 Alone With You
23 Blue Guitar
24 Darkest Day
25 Satellite Shack The
26 Come On In (And Make Yourself A Home)
27 Crazy Heart
28 Heartaches Meet Mr. Blues
CD 2
01 Pearlie Mae
02 Band Box
03 Moonshine Grin
04 What’s The Calling For
05 Those Two Blue Eyes
06 When The Day Is Done
07 Tell Me What You Want Me To Do
08 Strange
09 Let’s Shake Loose
10 Twist You Up
11 I’ll Rise When The Rooster Crows
12 Then And Only Then
13 Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
14 Conversation With Death
15 The Ramshackle Shack
16 Crazy Arms
17 I Just Roll Along
18 In The Shadow Of Clinch Mountain
19 Memphis Shakedown
20 I Can’t Tell You Anymore (What I Need)
21 Shade And River Time
22 Sweet Riverside
23 Goodbye