Mando & The Chili Peppers - On The Road With Rock`n`Roll (Käytetty CD)

Mando & The Chili Peppers - On The Road With Rock`n`Roll (Käytetty CD)


”One day some enterprising young director will make a film based on the story of Mando & The Chili Peppers, five Mexican-American teenagers who formed a rock’n’roll band in the Eisenhower era and blazed a trail across the States in a station-wagon with their name emblazoned on the side and their hopes held high.

Their sole LP (and three singles) have attained mythical status among serious collectors of 50s rock and they were arguably the first latin rock’n’roll band to attempt a commercial break-through, at a time when Hispanics were even more strongly discriminated against than Afro-Americans who at least enjoyed the advantage of being assiduously courted (if mercilessly exploited) by the record industry.

A Mexican will-o’the wisp, Mando has thus far eluded all efforts to locate him and all that remains 40 years after the event are a few sketchy career details, some tantalising clues and a frustrating number of cold trails. He was born Armando Almendarez in 1935 and is described by musicologist Chris Strachwitz as hailing from the lower Rio Grande Valley (where the river forms the border between the U.S. and Mexico). In 1955 Almendarez, cut a number of crudely recorded 78s for Rio, an obscure ethnic label in the heart of San Antonio’s bustling downtown area. These were sung in Spanish and arranged in the conjunto (group) style for the local ethnic market. On at least one occasion the precocious Almendarez broke with tradition by appropriating Chuck Berry’s then recent hit Maybelline, and coupling it on a Rio 78 with an enchilada flavoured workout of Clifton Chenier’s squeeze-box classic Boppin’ The Rock.

Chris Strachwitz, who has made a study of mid-century regional American music, notes that many of the younger Mexican artists were young rebels, a description befitting Almendarez, who was clearly more far-sighted than his compadres. At some point towards the end of 1956, Almendarez forsook Mexican music and formed a rock’n’roll band using teenage musicians from the San Antonio barrio. The legend of Mando & The Chili Peppers was born. It’s possible that they may have auditioned unsuccessfully for a local label such as TNT or Sarg but in any event, early 1957 found Mando heading north to Denver, Colorado, following a popular migratory route for Latinos. Denver had quite a large barrio in the 1950s and a family connection might explain why Mando made the trip North in the first place.

It was at this point that the group came to the attention of Clark Galehouse, President of a large pressing plant in Long Island, New York and an affiliated record label, Golden Crest. Galehouse was an auteur with a maverick streak who thought nothing of flying across several states to record one of his discoveries. Their first single, South Of The Border (May 1957) has a very down-home sound and was probably produced in a Denver studio or a local club using remote equipment. Galehouse evidently had sufficient faith in the band to sanction the release of an LP titled, somewhat abstractly, ON THE ROAD WITH ROCK’N’ROLL; this was a rare privilege for an unknown band in an era when soundtracks and original cast LPs dominated the market and only popular stars got to make albums. It is now an elusive collector’s item.

Mexican musicians had to develop a very diverse repertoire in order to please their audience. This eclecticism was reflected in the choice of songs on Mando’s album, which took in swamp/pop, R&B, and customised pop standards, such as Candy Kisses which in Mando’s hands becomes a delightful melange of squeals and wordless interjections.

The recordings are largely unadorned, the sole production touch being an occasional hint of reverb. Any ambience is mostly room sound and it is pure performance that the listener hears. It’s the sound of five Mexican kids uninhibitedly putting over their club act, hoping against the odds that their Texican brand of New Orleans rock’n’roll will overcome racial barriers and produce the hit tha”

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  • 1. I Love To Eat Chili In Chile
  • 2. South Of The Border
  • 3. Don't Say Goodnight
  • 4. Swingin' Baby
  • 5. I'm Walkin' The Floor Over You
  • 6. Cherry Pie
  • 7. This Is True Love
  • 8. Congo Mombo
  • 9. San Antonio Rose
  • 10. Why Can It Be
  • 11. There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder
  • 12. Harbour Lights
  • 13. Beg Your Pardon
  • 14. Candy Kisses
  • 15. Baby, Baby I Can't Believe
  • 16. Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)
  • 17. Boppin' The Rock
  • 18. Maybellene