Watson Dale - Once More Once More (CD)

Watson Dale - Once More Once More (CD)


Dale Watson`s Honky Tonk Swing Album!________________________

Well, this is it! Honky Tonk Swing songs that I would like to think would have been conjured up if Dean Martin had tee many Martooni’s with Bob Wills and Lefty. Actually I know the end result would have been mind boggling better, but here is what is the result of listening to all of them a lot in my life. It was a fun album to make and I hope you can hear it in the music. Knowing my ignorance of how big band music is supposed to be produced, I just went with my instincts, and hoped the end result didn’t stink, haha. I could never sing a song without making it sound country so I don’t try to change that fact here. I hope you enjoy this little detour off the hard-core country road just to salute the influences of people like Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole and of course the western swingmaster Bob Wills.

– Dale Watson

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  • 1. Once More
  • 2. You Win Again
  • 3. You`ve Got Me Now
  • 4. Do You
  • 5. So Glad You`re Mine
  • 6. Cupid
  • 7. 6 Days
  • 8. Monterrey
  • 9. San Antone
  • 10. Deep In The Heart
  • 11. Wagon
  • 12. Danced All Night

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