Estrin Rick And The Nightcats - One Wrong Turn (CD)

Estrin Rick And The Nightcats - One Wrong Turn (CD)


ONE WRONG TURN is an up-to-the-minute and totally infectious slice of original deep blues with a simmering funky rock edge. It’s fueled by Kid Andersen’s blazing genre-hopping guitar and dynamic multi-instrumentalist Lorenzo Farrell and singing drummer J. Hansen’s fiery keyboard and rhythm work. The CD features 12 new songs, most written by Estrin, with all the band members also contributing originals. One listen to ONE WRONG TURN makes it clear that Rick Estrin & The Nightcats is a group comprised of four world-class musicians, who together form one of the tightest and most original bands in any genre.

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  • 1. D.O.G.
  • 2. Lucky You
  • 3. Callin' All Fools
  • 4. (I Met Her On The) Blues Cruise
  • 5. Movin' Slow
  • 6. One Wrong Turn
  • 7. Desperation Perspiration
  • 8. Zonin'
  • 9. Broke And Lonesome
  • 10. You Ain't The Boss Of Me
  • 11. Old News
  • 12. The Legend Of Taco Cobbler

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