Tall Boys - One (Käytetty CD)

Tall Boys - One (Käytetty CD)


After breaking free from the original Meteors line-up, Nigel Lewis and Mark Robertson blazed another trail with the Tall Boys. They rocked beyond compare until the final kick in 1987, leaving behind a scattered discography. Besides some live appearances and demo recordings in the following decade, the band was a dormant volcano. Now fast forward to 2008 when Drunkabilly released the latest Nigel Lewis and The Zorchmen album. During the tours that followed a few Tall Boys classics were part of the live set. Needless to say the punters loved it! This triggered a much anticipated reunion of Nigel, Mark and Tall Boys lead guitarist from the get-go: Jez Alan. Added to the ranks is Belgian bass heavyweight Jens de Waele, known from cult bands such as Death Valley Surfers and Fifty Foot Combo. These gents had a plan: finally record the first full-length Tall Boys studio album. They pulled out all the stops, went to Doyle’s Camden Recording Studios for a proper sound and nailed fourteen songs – old, new, borrowed and brewed. One” is as genre-defying as ever in trademark Tall Boys style, which also shines through in salutes to Link Wray, The Gun Club and 77 punk (yes, the biggest Adverts hit). Moreover the folkabilly rendition of crowd favourite ”Ride This Torpedo” is a double-decker buzz! Before the groove locks, the 60’s murder shuffle ”psycho” forms a twisted epilogue for an album that’s one of a kind. This ”One” is beyond the pale for stuck-up purists, but a marvelous ride for rock & roll daredevils.”

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Video http://youtu.be/CclXP0vbPnI
  • 1. The Man Who Walked On the Moon
  • 2. Wild Sunday Morning
  • 3. This Bird Will Fly
  • 4. Missing Link
  • 5. Copyright The Design
  • 6. I Feel
  • 7. Fire of love
  • 8. Another Day
  • 9. Funtime
  • 10. River Of Fire
  • 11. Gary Gilmore's Eyes
  • 12. Ride Torpedo
  • 13. I come From Another Planet
  • 14. You Think I'm Psycho, Don't You Mama

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