Mozzy Dee - Orale! (CD)

Mozzy Dee - Orale! (CD)


Loistava uutukainen Amerikasta.

“Speaking of anachronism in music and of enjoying it so much. This combination sums up my impressions of Mozzy Dee’s album Orale. Somewhere in the back of my mind for some time is the notion to buy a Robert Gordon and Link Wray album, the one with ‘Red Hot’ on it. Thanks to Orale it’s at the front of my mind.
Mozzy Dee is a band from Las Vegas. The following people were involved in making this music: Dolores D. Fuentes – lead vocals, C.E. Clendening – electric & rhythm guitar, backup vocals; Luke Metz – electric bass guitar; Guido Tries – drums; Shanda Cisneros Ratto – backup vocals and Frankie Lee – backup vocals. Those paying attention will have run into a few of these names in reviews of other bands from Vegas that have come by on these pages.

Orale is an album containing pure rock and roll as played a long time ago. But The Stray Cats?, I hear someone from a younger generation ask. Well, where do you think they got it from? A more important question is: How is it possible to come up with such convincing songs in a genre where everything seemed to have been said and done decades ago? The tandem Fuentes – Clendening simply score big here. Their songs add a lot to what has come by ever since well over sixty years ago. Eddie Cochran especially seems to have been a big inspiration.

There are a few differences. Cochran was a young man when he started recording. Mozzy Dee is full of experienced musicians and can record in a modern way, pumping up the sound compared to 1957 or 58. Add to this 2023 mix the enthusiasm and energy oozing out of the music on Orale. The result is a success album full of swing, jazzy rock and roll, rockabilly and above all the real thing: rock and roll.

I’ll admit to have been prone to the idea that I had enough albums of this kind since the early 1990s. It turned out I was missing one. Orale has been added and filled up the gap in my collection. “Orale, orale”, alright.

Wout de Natris”

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Vuosi 2023

1.Mama Can Do It 02:23
2.Tall, Dark, and Handsome 02:54
3.Love Loves To Hurt Me 02:58
4.Let’s Stroll 03:05
5.¡Órale! 03:37
6.Indee 02:30
7.Take 02:34
8.Mess Around 02:55
9.Yesterday’s Paper 02:25
10.Why Not Me? Extended Version 04:06
11.Sweetie Boo 02:09