Higgins Chuck - Pachuko Hop (CD)

Higgins Chuck - Pachuko Hop (CD)


Chuck (and Joe Houston) were two of the great honkers of the 50s era who made a career out of the gut-wrenching R&B saxophone instrumental born of that period. Other famous practioners of the genre include King Curtis, Gene Ammons, Big Jay McNeely and Red Prysock, all subscribers to the straight-ahead tradition which restricted improvisation in favour of metronomic fervour. The roots of the style lay in the big band days, particularly the riffin’ style of Kansas City and the big saxophone sound of Texas tenor as exemplified by Illinois Jacquet. The music that Chuck and Joe purveyed was, like those earlier forms, aimed at dancers.Pachuko Hop” was Chuck’s biggest hit in 1952 for Combo Records and the version here is a slightly later previously unreleased take. 11 of the 20 tracks are previously unissued sides and the sessions are drawn from those made for Specialty in 1954 and John Dolphin’s labels in 1956.”

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  • 1. Broke
  • 2. Eye Balling
  • 3. Special Tea
  • 4. I'll Be There
  • 5. Something's Goin' On In My Room
  • 6. Let Me Come Back Home
  • 7. Is It Real
  • 8. I Know What You're Talking About
  • 9. Irene
  • 10. Aw-Aw Baby
  • 11. Dye Ooh Mambo
  • 12. One More Time
  • 13. One Chord Instrumental
  • 14. Middle Of The Mambo
  • 15. Rock 'n' Roll
  • 16. Come Back Home
  • 17. Pachuko Hop
  • 18. Good Luck
  • 19. Rock
  • 20. Tonk

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