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Paterson Joel - Let It Be Guitar! Joel Paterson Plays The Beatles (CD)


As a follow up to his well-revered holiday album Hi-Fi Christmas Guitar, Joel Paterson will release a collection of vintage instrumental, guitar-centric covers of songs from the Beatles’ catalog, entitled Let It Be Guitar! Joel Paterson Plays The Beatles.

The album – out on September 20th – features the guitarist’s signature blend of vintage jazz, exotica, blues, rockabilly, western swing and country, and uses classic Beatles songs as a sonic template for the mid-century musical journey

Let It Be Guitar! Showcases fresh new arrangements of these familiar tunes, employing a wide variety of musical styles and guitar sounds, paying tribute to Paterson’s biggest influences including Les Paul, Chet Atkins, Jorgen Ingmann, James Burton, Buddy Emmons, Ernest Ranglin and many more. Of the inspiration for the album, Paterson says, ”This is the guitar record I’ve always wanted to make. I love the Beatles and their artistry and attention to detail in the recording studio-and I love all-things-guitar. So, I had a great time diving into these amazing songs, coming up with my own arrangements, and at the same time paying tribute to some of my favorite guitarists and vintage recording techniques of yesteryear.”

The album’s liner notes were written by singer/songwriter and fellow vintage appreciator J.D. McPherson and give further explanation of the project, ”Each of Joel’s interpretations of these songs are concise, genre-bending, stylish tone poems, mixing both Joel’s and the Beatles’ own century-spanning inspirations into one zesty musical stew. Contained within certain tracks, you may even find nods to OTHER instrumentalists who have delved into the Beatles’ body of work… It’s almost the meta-sonic equivalent of a Liverpudlian Rube Goldberg drawing.” Recorded in Chicago at Reliable Recorders and at Paterson’s home studio, Let It Be Guitar! #features Joel on guitar, pedal steel, and lap steel; Beau Sample (Devil in a Woodpile, The Modern Sounds, The Fat Babies) on bass; Alex Hall (The Flat Five, The Western Elstons, The Fat Babies) on drums; and Chris Foreman on Hammond B3 organ. One of the busiest musicians on the roots music scene today, Paterson can be heard playing with The Modern Sounds, The Joel Paterson Organ Trio featuring Chris Foreman, Devil in a Woodpile, The Western Elstons, and many other Chicago-based projects.

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Video https://youtu.be/8RHlpMNuPsY

    1. All My Loving
    2. From Me to You
    3. And I Love Her
    4. This Boy
    5. If I Fell
    6. Michelle
    7. Girl
    8. Things We Said Today
    9. Honey Pie
    10. I Don't Want to Spoil the Party
    11. No Reply
    12. Can't Buy Me Love
    13. Drive My Car
    14. Because
    15. Something
    16. Her Majesty

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