Various - Pied Piper Presents A New Concept In Detroit Soul (CD)

Various - Pied Piper Presents A New Concept In Detroit Soul (CD)


This CD heralds the biggest unearthing of Detroit and Northern Soul masters for decades. It is as important and thrilling as the Scepter, Wand and Musicor cache, the Dave Hamilton tapes or the unissued RCA treasure of the 80s and 90s. On this volume alone there are previously unheard gems from the Cavaliers, September Jones, Lorraine Chandler, Nancy Wilcox and Willie Kendrick alongside original Giant label releases that were issued in 1966 on Tony Hester, the Sandpipers and Mike & Ray. The first Pied Piper productions for indie labels like Mikki Farrow on Karate and Sam E Soul on Ruby are also included. The original, substantially faster, version of Lorraine Chandler s Northern Soul classic I Can t Hold On is a fresh and exciting take on a record that has been played solidly for nearly forty years. Her alternate vocal to Mend The Torn Pieces is quite a shock. Tony Hestor s first single, before he teamed up with his writing partner Popcorn Wylie, is a masterpiece of lilting, anguished soul that has grown in stature in recent years. The Sandpipers atmospheric Lonely Too Long and Mike & Ray s If You Only Knew on the label also fetch big money, as does the Karate-only release by Mikki Farrow of Could It Be . The reason Pied Piper has been so esteemed over the years is the large amount of Northern Soul classics played in the 70s heyday of the scene. What makes this CD so exciting are the new tracks by established Northern stars like the haunting I Hear Music by Lorraine Chandler and Willie Kendrick s unique style applied to the Metros number Time Changes Things . The Cavaliers We Go Together is a very classy mid tempo take and has excited the North s top DJs and is certain to be a monster sound in 2013. But the most exciting discovery for many will be the original version of Rose Batiste s I Miss My Baby which Pied Piper recorded over a year before the Revilot release with the original lyrics This Heart Is Lonely . Finally, September Jones gives us four of her eight Pied Piper sides that resulted in one solitary 45 release, which was licensed to Kapp. Compilation and sleeve note by Ady Croasdell.

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  • 1. I Can t Hold On (Original Version) - Lorraine Chandler
  • 2. Stuttering Sam - September Jones
  • 3. Gamblers Blues - Nancy Wilcox
  • 4. This Heart Is Lonely - Rose Batiste
  • 5. She Won t Come Back - The Hesitations
  • 6. Just Can t Leave You - Tony Hester
  • 7. We Go Together - The Cavaliers
  • 8. That's When I Need You - Freddy Butler
  • 9. Give Me All Of Your Love - September Jones
  • 10. That s What Love Is - The Pied Piper Players
  • 11. Time Changes Things - Willie Kendrick
  • 12. I Fell In Love (Can t Help It) - Freddy Butler
  • 13. Could It Be - Mikki Farrow
  • 14. I Hear Music - Lorraine Chandler
  • 15. I m Coming Home - September Jones
  • 16. Mend The Torn Pieces Of My Heart (Original Version) - Lorraine Chandler
  • 17. He ll Be Leaving You - The Pied Piper Players
  • 18. Chink A Chank Baby - September Jones
  • 19. I m Not Built That Way - The Hesitations
  • 20. In The End - Nancy Wilcox
  • 21. If Only You Knew - Mike & Ray
  • 22. Lonely Too Long - The Sandpipers
  • 23. Tears Keep Falling - Sam E Solo
  • 24. Tell Me Your Mine - Lorraine Chandler

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