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Pirates - Live In America (1978) (Käytetty CD)


”ENNENJULKAISEMATON LIVE ALBUMI! It was in the 1950s when three young Londoners – Mick Green (guitar), Johnny Spence (bass and vocals) and Frank Farley (drums) – first joined forces to form a band. Their first offerings followed the Skiffle craze (The Wayfaring Strangers) soon it was Rock’n’Roll (Johnny and the Ramrods)The Pirates got their first big break in the early 1960s when they became the backing band for British rock’n’roll singer Johnny Kidd, who is best known for his big hits like ”Shakin’ all over”, ”Please don’t touch”, ”I’ll never get over you” and ”Hungry for love”. During their years together, Johnny Kidd and the Pirates toured extensively in Britain and Europe (especially in Hamburg), and on several occasions with the Beatles or Rolling Stones as their warm-up act. On one occasion, Frank the Pirate and Brian Jones had a fistfight after a gig at the famous 100 Club in Oxford Street, London. No need to mention (or should I say munchen?!?) who got beaten!Johnny Kidd and the Pirates recorded some of the very best British rock’n’roll and rhythm & blues of that era. The Pirates also made the first recordings on their own without Kidd in 1964. The single ”My Babe”/”Casting My Spell” featured Spence also on vocals, and is ever since considered a classic.Tragically, Johnny Kidd was killed in a car-accident in Lancashire in October 7th 1966. He was just 30 years old.In December 1976 The Pirates featuring Mick, Johnny and Frank returned with a vengeance. A one-off gig was a huge success, wowing the press and fans alike, and so their never-ending tour started. There is a saying in the music business; ”never follow the Pirates!”. Anyone who has seen them in action will understand that they were unbeatable on stage, and to follow them was definitely a mission impossible and an artistic suicide.They also gave the world four stunning albums; ”Out Of Their Skulls”, ”Skull Wars”, ”Happy Birthday Rock’n’roll” ( or ”Hard Ride” if you were American) and ”Fistful Of Dubloons”, which are also now considered rock’n’roll classics.In November 1978 The Pirates took to the road for a four show tour in America, and had a big time there. Everything about the tour was huge; the venues, stages, audiences, limousines, hotel suites, cigars, bars… At this point the Pirates had been working relentlessly for two more years, playing hundreds of gigs and somehow finding time to record and release both of the ”Skull” albums. So when the call from America came, they were up for it, ready to rock’n’roll and play better than ever. Luckily one of these legendary gigs was recorded, but it took some 30 years for Johnny Spence to come across the tape from his archive collection.And for goodness (note: I’m not using the F-word here!) sake here are the merciless threesome, live in America getting even with all guns blazing.Keeping the Pirate-flag flying high and taking no prisoners. This stunning, long-awaited 16 track set features all of their classic songs, and is undoubtedly one of the greatest live Rock’n’Roll records of all time.It presents the greatest rock-trio of all time at the peak of their powers and wilder than ever. Pure, tough, hard rockin’ and rollin’ music delivered in the way only the unholy trinity of Green, Spence and Farley know how.Nobody does it like the Pirates!”

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  • 1. Please Don't Touch 02:49 (Heath/Robinson)
  • 2. I Can Tell 02:13 (McDanniel/Smith)
  • 3. Linda-Lu 03:28 (Ray Sharpe)
  • 4. Drinkin' Wine 03:04 (McGhee/Williams)
  • 5. Don't Munchen It 03:40 (Green/Spence)
  • 6. Gibson Martin Fender 03:27 (Green)
  • 7. Tear It Up 02:47 (Burnette/Burnette/Burlinson)
  • 8. Voodoo 03:07 (Green)
  • 9. That's The Way You Are 02:31 (Green)
  • 10. Honey Hush 02:30 (Turner)
  • 11. Johnny B Goode's Good 04:45 (Green)
  • 12. You Don't Own Me 03:53 (Green/Lancaster)
  • 13. Shakin' All Over 04:10 (Heath)
  • 14. Lonesome Train 03:19 (Moore/Subotsky)
  • 15. All In It Together 04:38 (Green/Spence)
  • 16. Johnny B Goode 04:43 (Berry)


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