Denton Bob - Playboy – feat. Eddie Cochran (CD)

Denton Bob - Playboy – feat. Eddie Cochran (CD)


Bob Denton began his musical career in the mid-1950s in a country band with future hit composer
Hank Cochran. He introduced him to another friend – Eddie Cochran. This resulted in the Cochran
Bob Denton continued to play in the clubs of Los Angeles often together with Eddie Cochran. The
two not only had musical things in common, but regularly moved around the clubs, chased girls
and went hunting. They became best friends. Eddie Cochran got Bob his first record deal with
DOT Records and accompanied him in the studio on the recordings as he did on almost all the
others. The big hit for Bob Denton did not happen, but at least he was able to reach the charts in
some local markets, which led to further record releases. They also experimented with stereo
recordings in the studio back then, which are released on this CD for the first time. Stylistically
between rockabilly, rock & roll and ballads, he served the preferences of local teenagers until he
was drafted into the Army. Eddie Cochran offered to take him on another of his England tours but
died before that in a tragic car accident. Bob Denton carried his coffin to the grave. He continued
to make live music into the 2000s.

Here are finally all his recordings on one CD.

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Vuosi 2021

1. Alway Late
2. On My Mind Again
3. Playboy
4. I´m Sending You This Record (unrel. stereo)
5. Love Is Made Of This
6. Sick & Tired
7. Love Me So I´ll Know
8. Love Me So I´ll Know (unreleased stereo take 19)
9. Skinny Minnie
10. Time Will Tell
11. Time Will Tell (unreleased stereo take 15)
12. 24 Hour Night
13. I´m Sending You This Record
14. Pretty Little Devil
15. Thinkin´ About You
16. The Wrong Side Of The Door
17. I Guess I´m Still In Love With You
18. That´s All Right Mama
19. She Done Give Her Heart To Me
20. Remingtone Ride (instrumental)
21. Live Fast Love Hard Die Young
22. Love Is Made Of This (unrel. stereo take 20)
23. I´m SendingYou This Record (unrel. stereo)
24. River Of Regret (unreleased)
25. Junk Love And Budweiser (unreleased)
26. Temptation (unreleased)
27. Nervous Breakdown (by Alan Clark)