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Voodoo Dolls - Poison In Your Drink 1983 -1986 (Clear) (LP)


• First ever reissue of pioneer psychobilly/garage rock legends Voodoo Dolls

• Essential to everyone into first wave psychobilly, rockabilly and 80’s garage rock

• Deluxe reissue richly illustrated with rare photos and memorabilia.

• Liner notes by Kieron Tyler (Mojo Magazine)

• Carefully restored and remastered sound

• Colored vinyl

• Limited edition (300 copies vinyl / 400 copies CD).

Voodoo Dolls – from Sweden, not to be confused with any other band also using the name – burned fast, and burned bright. Formed in 1983 and splitting three years later, they issued one LP, a mini-LP and a seven-inch EP. Though inspired by rockabilly and travelling through the psychobilly landscape, they ploughed their own furrow – diving into freakbeat and soul while never straying far from their inspirations. In their world, rough-edged band originals like the swinger “Split Personality” and the untrammelled “Vampireville” sat alongside distinctive covers of CCR’s “Bad Moon Rising” and Gloria Jones via Soft Cell via Dave Phillips & the Hot Rod Gang’s “Tainted Love”.

Poison In Your Drink 1983-1986 collects the essentials. There are even three previously unheard cuts: a romp through Swedish Sixties oddball’s Annabee-Nox’s “Bo Bo Boogie Pack”, a grindingly brutal version of Don Cole’s 1961 single “Lie Detector Machine” and a stuttering take on the obscure 1958 Bill Allen & The Backbeats B-side “Please Give Me Something”.

Sweden had a booming garage rock scene but Voodoo Dolls stood apart. No one else there was musically reframing the past for the Eighties in this way. L-P Anderson (bass, vocals), Danny Engström (aka Danny Boy: guitar, vocals), drummer Leif Ekring (aka Spunk) and his replacement Pontus Hansson and short-stay early singer Eric Kearley did not respect musical boundaries. And when they had said what they needed to say, it was time to call it a day.

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Paino 0,3 kg (kilogramma)
Mitat 35 × 35 × 0,5 cm (senttimetri)
Tuotekoodi CLLP 64500
Tuottaja Crazy Love Records
Vuosi 2023

Poison In Your Dreams / That’s The Breaks / Split Personality / Bad Moon Rising / Vampireville / Chicken Walk / Baby Don’t Make Me Hate You / Bo Bo Boogie Pack / Flip Your Coin / Kiss The Bone / Lie Detector Machine / Through With You / Tainted Love / Please Give Me Something

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