Watson Dale - Preachin` To The Choir 2CD (Käytetty CD)

Watson Dale - Preachin` To The Choir 2CD (Käytetty CD)


Live at the Borderline. Mukana myös CD-romppu kamaa!

A steamy August night in London: a mobile studio, the Borderline burstin’ at the seams and the one and only Texas Troubadour on stage with his Lone Stars. With all the ingredients in place to make for a good live recording, all it takes is 50 minutes of OK-material and the fans and label will be happy. So, start the tape and let’s kick off.

Well, that was the plan all right but it did not quite happen like that.

Instead of 50 minutes of OK-material, what we got was a couple of hours

of some of the most exciting live music ever to be recorded in the history

of real country music. Dale and his band were clearly having as much fun as

the fans and as the sets progressed everybody involved felt that something

extraordinary was developing. The engineers, the manager, the promoter, the audience, the band and even the building may have felt that this was

something special. The interaction between the stage and the floor can truly be felt throughout the whole session, but what else can you expect when the Reverend himself is Preachin’ to the Choir in such a convincing manner.

All in all, even for those who haven’t joined the choir yet, it should be

obvious that this band did not just make music on that memorable night at

the Borderline… THEY MADE HISTORY! CRS are happy to present it to you on this exciting mildly priced double CD.

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  • 1. Welcome To The Borderline
  • 2. In The Jailhouse
  • 3. Introducing The Band
  • 4. Hangover Ago
  • 5. Luckenbach, Texas
  • 6. Can`t Be Satisfied
  • 7. Legends (what if...)
  • 8. I Got Stripes
  • 9. Ain`t That Livin`
  • 10. Hair Of The Dog
  • 11. Bourbon Vs. Tequila (Reverend Dale Preacher)
  • 12. Kentucky In A Spin
  • 13. Frank (Reverend Dale Preacher)
  • 14. Smalltown
  • 15. Drink, Drink, Drink
  • 16. How To Break Your Own Heart
  • 1. Yee-hah (Reverend Dale Preacher)
  • 2. Turn Off The Jukebox
  • 3. You Think You`d Know Better
  • 4. No Fussin`, No Cussin`
  • 5. Mandatory Merle Song (Reverend Dale Preacher)
  • 6. Mama`s Hungry Eyes
  • 7. Another Day, Another Dollar
  • 8. Heart Of Stone
  • 9. Preachin` To the Choir (Reverend Dale Preacher)
  • 10. Country My Ass
  • 11. Return To Sender
  • 12. You Are My Friends
  • 13. Viva Las Vegas
  • 14. Call It A Night/Country My Ass (reprise)

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