Presley Elvis - Meet Me.. At Del Webb`s Sahara Tahoe (Käytetty CD)

Presley Elvis - Meet Me.. At Del Webb`s Sahara Tahoe (Käytetty CD)


Straight Arrow’s single-digipack release of 2014 – ”MEET ME… AT DEL WEBB’S SAHARA TAHOE!”, featuring May 26th, 1974 Midnight show. While Elvis was alive, many fans dreamt of a chance to meet the man. The best chance that people had to meet him was at the Sahara in Lake Tahoe, where the intimacy of the showroom gave Elvis the possibility to interact with his fans ‘upclose and personal’. Those that were lucky enough to witness the star during one of his shows there in May ’74, witnessed a charismatic performer in full control of his art and his audience.

Originally, the May 26th Midnight was supposed to be closing show of the season, but due to the huge demand, special 3am show on May 27th was added. The show on this release is a real audience pleaser, as he flirts with the girls on the frontrow and sings all the 1974 show favorites with verve. This is a rather good audience recording that gives you a frontrow perspective of this delightful performance. Ask your local dealer for samples! The May 26th, 1974 M/S is a completely new concert even for die-hard Elvis fans. It has never been in circulation – in any form. The so called „May 26th, 1974 M/S“ audience recording available on tape/CDR is wrongly dated!

”MEET ME… AT DEL WEBB’S SAHARA TAHOE!” is taken from a first generation copy of an original audience recorded cassette, obtained from a collector in the US and the date was verified through several very credible sources. Every second was digitally restored to achieve optimal listening pleasure. Straight Arrow is taking the opportunity to thank Elvis Presley fans all over the World for their loyalty and continual support. We are doing the best to deliver you interesting collectors releases in good sound and eye catching packaging. We are always looking for previously unknown concert recordings or superior sounding versions, compared to what is available on tapes/CDRs/old CDs. The year 2015 is a special anniversary for us – it marks 10 years since our initial CD release titled „PIECES OF MY LIFE“. We promise you several surprising releases for 2015 – so stay tuned! The Straight Arrow team would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and prosperous, Happy New Year!

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