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Randy Starr, born in 1930, successfully completed his dental studies at Columbia College in 1954. Around the same time, he wrote songs that were recorded by Jackie Wilson, Connie Francis, the Kingston Trio and Kay Starr, among others. In 1957 he appeared on the American Bandstand for the first time with his hit After School, and in 1959 he entered the Billboard charts with The Enchanted Sea as the singer of The Islanders, reaching number 15.

His greatest successes as a songwriter, however, came with a total of 12 compositions personally selected by Elvis Presley, which became part of the soundtracks of Elvis movies. To give Elvis an accurate picture of the songs, Randy Starr produced highly professional recordings in top studios in New York with hand-picked musicians and often himself as the singer.

Bear Family is releasing around 70 of these recordings on two CD albums, 12 of which were recorded by Elvis. This first of two CDs contains 35 songs, six can be heard in Elvis’ version in feature films: Kissin’ Cousins (’Kissin’ Cousins’), The Yellow Rose Of Texas (’Viva Las Vegas’), Look Out, Broadway (’Frankie And Johnny’), Datin’ (’Paradise, Hawaiian Style’), Adam And Evil (’Spinout’), and The Girl I Never Loved (’Clambake’). Only one of these demo recordings has been released, 34 of these songs appear here for the first time on vinyl or CD!

In order to achieve the high sound quality Bear Family Records® is known for, we commissioned an experienced sound engineer to master the original sources. The result sounds brilliant!

Randy Starr sang 14 of the 35 demo songs recorded between 1963 and 1968, 13 were performed by Kenny Karen, while the remaining recordings were done by either Malcom Dodds or Jerry Keller, the same Jerry Keller who made it to number 14 in the Billboard charts in 1959 with the legendary Here Comes Summer.

The British Elvis collector and expert Trevor Simpson was in close contact with Randy Starr for many years. We owe him the extremely competent liner notes, which are based on many interviews conducted with Randy Starr.

Unfortunately, Trevor passed away in January 2024 and did not live to see the release of these albums. We dedicate the Randy Starr CDs to this extraordinary man and expert.

Starr Randy - Presley Style – Lost Elvis Songwriter Demos Vol. 1 (CD)


1-CD (Digipak) with 36 -page booklet, 35 tracks. Total playing time approx. 70 min.

Following the great success of P.J. Proby’s CD album of demo recordings, Bear Family Records® releases more elaborately produced demos recorded exclusively for Elvis.
Between 1963 and 1968, Randy Starr wrote and produced around 70 songs in New York City, 35 can be found on this CD, six of which Elvis selected and recorded for the soundtracks of his feature films!

A sensational number of 34 tracks released for the first time ever, mastered from copies of the original tapes.

Randy Starr sings 14 songs, 13 are by Kenny Karen, the singers of the remaining tracks are Malcolm Dodds and Jerry Keller.
The illustrated and extensive booklet contains detailed liner notes by British Elvis expert and collector Trevor Simpson, based on interviews he recently conducted with Randy Starr.

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Tuotekoodi BCD17703
Tuottaja Bear Family Records
Vuosi 2024

01 Kissin Cousins – Malcolm Dodds
02 Viva Las Vegas – Malcolm Dodds
03 The Yellow Rose Of Texas – Randy Starr
04 Lady Luck Is A Gypsy – Malcolm Dodds
05 Look Out, Broadway – Malcolm Dodds
06 Kissing In The Rain – Kenny Karen
07 Three Wishes – Randy Starr
08 Bring On The Dancing Girls – Randy Starr
09 A Thousand And One Night – Malcolm Dodds
10 Polynesian Paradise – Jerry Keller
11 Datin’ – Jerry Keller
12 Adam And Evil – Kenny Karen
13 Never Say Forever – Kenny Karen
14 Easy Come, Easy Go – Kenny Karen
15 Wheel Of Love – Kenny Karen
16 I’ll Take Love – Randy Starr
17 Love On The Rocks – Kenny Karen
18 Clambake – Randy Starr
19 The Girl I Never Loved – Kenny Karen
20 Let Her Go – Randy Starr
21 You Can Do It – Randy Starr
22 Handle With Care – Randy Starr
23 Better And Better – Randy Starr
24 From Riches To Rags – Kenny Karen
25 Little Girl – Kenny Karen
26 Big Bright, Beautiful World – Randy Starr
27 Head For The Hills – Randy Starr
28 Strange Vibrations – Randy Starr
29 Come Hell, Come Sundown – Kenny Karen
30 Charro! – Randy Starr
31 The Chautauqua – Kenny Karen
32 We Can See Him Everywhere – Kenny Karen and Mimi Roman
33 Don’t Stand Under The Mistletoe – Randy Starr
34 My Christmas Won’t Be Merry This Year – Kenny Karen and Mimi Roman
35 Let’s Have A Christmas Party – Kenny Karen and Mimi Roman