Earls - Remember Then (CD)

Earls - Remember Then (CD)


From the Bronx, The Earls began life as the High Hatters, cutting four demos in 1959 for Rome Records. With their subsequent new name they cut another three releases before moving to Old Town. Between 1962 and ’65 the group recorded several singles for Old Town. They were one of the few doowop groups to release an album in an era when singles were pretty much the norm. Remember Then (included here in its original form and in an unissued version) became a national hit and was followed by Never and Eyes. By now the national exposure had begun to fade, but some of the group’s strongest material was yet to come with the double-sided doowop heaven of Kissing and Cry Cry Cry. Billing from then on, was as The Earls featuring Larry Chance and under this name, the group recorded their still most requested song I Believe on CBS FM, the No 1 Oldies station in New York, this record was No 4 on the all-time 500 list!). This CD features all the Old Town releases, the remaining 3 album cuts, 3 previously unreleased versions of Remember Then, Never, Cry Cry Cry plus the group’s first 2 releases from Rome Records and a previously unreleased Rome cut All Through Our Teens. Beautiful, dazzling, the sound of the ’50s streetcorner

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  • 1. Remember Then
  • 2. Life Is But A Dream
  • 3. Eyes
  • 4. Out In The Cold Again
  • 5. Looking For My Baby
  • 6. Remember Me Baby
  • 8. Lookin' My Way
  • 9. All Through Our Teens
  • 10. Don't Forget
  • 12. Without You
  • 13. Amor Amor
  • 14. Let's Waddle
  • 15. I Believe
  • 16. Oh What A Time
  • 17. Cross My Heart
  • 18. Kissing
  • 19. Ol' Man River
  • 20. Never
  • 21. Ask Anybody
  • 22. Our Day Will Come
  • 23. I Keep A-tellin' You
  • 24. Cry, Cry, Cry

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