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McPhatter Clyde - Rhythm And Soul [1959–1965] (8LP Boxset) (Käytetty LP/12)


Nyt jo todella harvinainen boxi. Kotelo VG(+) pienet teippaukset kotelon reunassa. Levyt VG++ ja levyjen kannet VG++, kirja M-

Includes a 107-page book with a biographical essay and a career-spanning discography / sessionography

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Paino 4 kg (kilogramma)
Mitat 35 × 35 × 5 cm (senttimetri)
Tuotekoodi BFX 15271 [9]
Tuottaja Bear Family Records
Vuosi 1987
Kunto Levy VG++: Kuin uusi
Kunto Kansi VG++: Kuin uusi

A1 (I’m Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over 2:55
A2 I Told Myself A Lie 2:06
A3 Bless You 2:13
A4 Where Did I Make My Mistake 2:18
A5 Twice As Nice 2:24
A6 Let’s Start All Over Again 2:50
A7 Bless You (For Being An Angel) 2:52
A8 How Deep Is The Ocean 3:05
A9 Stay As Sweet As You Are 2:48
B1 Someone To Love 2:39
B2 I Need You So 3:10
B3 Trust In Me 3:05
B4 The Glory Of Love 3:48
B5 Don’t Take Your Love From Me 2:50
B6 There Will Never Be Another You 3:15
B7 I’ll Never Be Free 2:55
B8 Don’t Cry Baby 2:59
B9 Everybody Needs Somebody 1:55
C1 Let’s Try Again 2:27
C2 This Is Not Goodbye 2:18
C3 When The Right Time Comes Along 2:24
C4 One Right After Another 1:50
C5 I Know That Feeling 2:51
C6 Think Me A Kiss 2:01
C7 Take A Step 2:15
C8 Whisper Softly 1:52
C9 I Just Want To Love You 2:26
C10 You’re For Me 2:16
C11 I Ain’t Giving Up Nothing 2:25
D1 Ta Ta 2:10
D2 I Need A Love Like Yours 2:44
D3 Who’s Worried Now 2:05
D4 Harbor Lights 3:58
D5 Love Is A Many Splendored Thing 3:01
D6 You Belong To Me 3:48
D7 These Foolish Things 3:30
D8 Answer Me My Love 2:36
E1 When Did You Leave Heaven 3:30
E2 Put Your Arms Around Me Honey 1:33
E3 As Time Goes By 2:30
E4 That’s My Desire 2:04
E5 Thinking Of You 2:52
E6 What Will I Tell My Heart 3:26
E7 Three Coins In The Fountain 2:27
E8 How Many Times 2:37
E9 For All You’ve Done 2:05
F1 One More Chance 2:38
F2 Let Me Shake The Hand 2:36
F3 Why Was I The One You Chose 2:33
F4 High School Social 2:31
F5 Everything’s Gonna Be All Right 2:44
F6 What’s Love To Me 2:08
F7 You’re Moving Me 2:23
F8 All About Love 2:36
F9 Not Me 2:41
G1 I Wanna Be The Only One 2:20
G2 Before I Fall In Love Again 2:28
G3 I’ll Stop Anything I’m Doing 2:18
G4 Tomorrow Is A-Comin’ 2:25
G5 What Went Wrong 2:17
G6 Whole Heap Of Love 2:12
G7 I’ll Love You Til The Cows Come Home 2:20
G8 Happiness 2:04
G9 I Never Knew 2:22
G10 How Do I Make My Dreams Come True 1:56
G11 Friends 2:13
H1 Same Time, Same Place 2:22
H2 Honest I Do 2:21
H3 What Am I Living For 3:21
H4 Kansas City 2:45
H5 Fever 3:14
H6 The Clock 2:38
H7 Your Second Choice 2:23
H8 Blues Stay Away From Me 3:24
H9 What’d I Say 2:11
I1 Raining In My Heart 3:06
I2 C.C. Rider 2:39
I3 I’m Gonna Be A Wheel Someday 2:26
I4 Honey Hush 2:31
I5 The Bells 2:47
I6 Hey Love 1:52
I7 Without Love (There Is Nothing) 2:57
I8 White Christmas 2:19
I9 The Name Of The Game Is Love 2:33
I10 (You’ve Got Everything) From A To Z 1:46
J1 Let’s Stop 2:02
J2 Can It Be Wrong 2:24
J3 Up To My Ears In Tears 2:03
J4 The Best Man Cried 2:46
J5 Lover Please 1:55
J6 Baby You Been Good 2:24
J7 Let’s Forget About The Past 2:29
J8 Happy Good Times 2:32
J9 Little Bitty Pretty One 2:15
J10 Don’t Let Go 2:27
J11 Rockin’ Robin 2:40
K1 Money Honey 2:45
K2 Oh Lonesome Me 2:37
K3 Everybody Loves A Winner 1:55
K4 I’m Movin’ On 1:55
K5 Pretty Girls Everywhere 2:53
K6 Sixty Minute Man 2:10
K7 Such A Night 2:34
K8 Next To Me 2:09
K9 Climb That Mountain Of Love 1:58
K10 Maybe 2:33
K11 I’ve Lost Again 2:22
L1 Walking Back To Baltimore 2:02
L2 I Do Believe 1:54
L3 Just A Little Too Late 2:04
L4 So Close To Being In Love 2:39
L5 Lonely People Do Foolish Things 2:30
L6 From One To One 2:22
L7 Soul 2:23
L8 Everybody’s Got A Song But Me 2:20
L9 I Found My Love 3:23
L10 Crying Won’t Help You Now 2:58
L11 I Wanna Know 2:21
M1 Deep In The Heart Of Harlem 2:49
M2 My Block 2:22
M3 A Suburban Town 2:43
M4 Spanish Harlem 2:50
M5 Three Rooms With Running Water 2:17
M6 Up On The Roof 2:43
N1 Second Window, Second Floor 2:22
N2 Chinatown 2:12
N3 Coney Island 2:12
N4 The Shelter Of Your Arms 2:39
N5 In My Tenement 2:29
N6 On Broadway 2:32
N7 Deep In The Heart Of Harlem [undubbed version] 2:49
O1 Baby Baby 1:55
O2 Ta Ta 1:59
O3 A Lovers Question 2:54
O4 Hold My Hand 2:16
O5 Second Window Second Floor 2:54
O6 Such A Night 2:49
P1 Lucille 3:31
P2 What’s Love To Me 1:55
P3 Deep In The Heart Of Harlem 3:22
P4 Mercy Mercy Baby 1:55
P5 Without Love 2:43

The following tracks were previously unreleased:
B1, G1, G3, G5, G10, G11, I8, J6, K11, L1, L3, L5, L7, L8, L11, N7

Tracks O1 to P5 are from a live performance at Apollo Theatre, New York , c. June/July 1964.

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