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Rhythm Bound - Born to love you (Käytetty CD)


When the early 80’s ’revival’ of rockabilly hit the U.S., brothers Rich and Tom Hopkins immediately found something they didn’t even know they were looking for. Already hooked on the rockabilly sound from the Carl Perkins, Elvis, and Johnny Cash records in their Dad’s collection, they took notice when modern acts like Robert Gordon, the Rockats, and Stray Cats came to the scene. Now un-cool to admit, they were influenced by these bands – if for nothing else, for making them take notice and see that rockabilly does have a place in the world after all. So, Rich bought the biggest hollow-body guitar he could find and sang along to the records. Tom pounded out cheesy bass lines on an electric bass. The earliest incarnation of the band was born. (A home video exists, circa 1985, of the duo performing an Eddie Cochran song, waaay out of tune, but it’ll cost you a lot to ever see it – a whole hell of a lot).

     Fast forward to the 1991. Rockabilly bands on the East Coast were scarce – if there were any at all. But Tom saw that a tiny little ad in the Village Voice read: Go Cat Go with the word ’rockabilly’ underneath. He decided to check it out. After seeing the incredible Darren Spears and his band play rockabilly the way it was meant to be played, Tom called Rich frantically from a pay phone at 2 am and said ’You won’t believe what I just heard – rockabilly, man, THE REAL DEAL – this kid’s 17 playing upright- the lead guy sings like Elvis – the guitarist is picking out Sun licks…the drummer’s girlfriend is hot!’. You get the idea. They were inspired to start playing again. It took a while. Tom first joined a pseudo-rockabilly/country band called Who Slapped John? with drummer/friend/almost relative Jeff Dilena, whose Dad is a huge Johnny Cash fan. Jeff didn’t know much rockabilly, but he was a trained jazz drummer and knew and loved classic country music. Before long, however, rockabilly became a big part of his life, too. By this time, Big Sandy and High Noon had come in and really shook things up. They remain among our favorite bands. Tom finally switched to upright bass and urged Jeff to join him and Rich, who was writing his own tunes by now (to which a few have stood the test of time and will finally be heard on record!). The trio came together in 1995, and Rhythm Bound was officially named (a nod to both Carl Perkins and Go Cat Go). The long search for a lead guitarist was on. They tried a blues guy who loved rockabilly but just couldn’t keep it traditional, then they tried a fine guitarist who just didn’t fit… (this is Bob Beecher, the original bass player of Brian Setzer’s the Tom Cats).

     During this time of going through guitarists, Tom and Jeff joined NY rockabilly singer Rocket J (Joanne Van Vranken) and guitarist/singer Roy Wilson at the Indiana Rockabilly Rebel Weekender for a set that managed to blow the circuit breaker! Also on the bill was the hard driving rockabilly band the Belmont Playboys, who needed a new bass player. Tom was forced by threats to join the Belmont Playboys in 1996 and the boys in Rhythm Bound were patient enough to be put on the back burner. In the meantime, Tom and Jeff also joined BP lead man Mike Hendrix in a trio called the Prisonaires, as well as Mike providing guitar work on a few Rhythm Bound gigs. One of which was Ken and Ariel Setzer’s wedding. So after seeing Brian Setzer play live throughout the years, here he was dancing to Rhytm Bound for a change, as he was best man at his brother’s wedding. Naturally, he hopped up on stage and played standards such as Peggy Sue (complete with a bass solo for Tom), The Way I Walk, Brand New Cadillac, Sleepwalk, and Rock This Town. That night Rhytm Bound’s two guitarists were Brian Setzer and Mike Hendrix! Not too shabby. Speaking of Mike Hendrix, with the BP’s, Tom recorded on the CD ’Hot Rod Heart’ and had more memorable gigs, as he played bass for Rockabilly Queen Wanda Jackson on a ten city tour, and backed up former Planet Rocker S”

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  • 1. Hit and run
  • 2. Mad dog mean
  • 3. Born to love you
  • 4. Read 'em and weep
  • 5. My baby's gone
  • 6. I'll be along
  • 7. Beast in me
  • 8. Ain't lovin' in the dark
  • 9. Ride the lonely train
  • 10. Prove to you
  • 11. Back in town
  • 12. Little girl's rockin'
  • 13. Rope and wrangle
  • 14. Torn in two
  • 15. Rockabilly red
  • 16. Jungle fever