Rhythm Shakers / Caezars - Young & Wild (DVD)

Rhythm Shakers / Caezars - Young & Wild (DVD)


The 15th Rockabilly Rave saw two of the most talked about young bands on the rockin’ scene tear up the stage – but from two sides of the Atlantic and with two very different styles.The Rhythm Shakes hit the Rave with the force of an express train…smouldering flame haired Marlene Perez looking a million dollars in a sophisticated black sparkling lame cocktail dress.’Powerhouse’ is often over used when describing live acts, but not usually young female singers – but Marlene rewrites the rules about what is acceptable. The band drives the show on and her sultry, huskie voice fills the hall. By the third number, her hair is wild and the excitement mounts…she breaks into her tough trade mark ’Hit The Road’ spat out with passion and venom.All the hits follow until she is withering on the floor and pounding the stage with her fist…the crowd love her honesty and her deep soulful voice. This is the new breed of rockin’ music straight from the streets of L.A.Without a doubt the most talked about rockin’ band in the UK the Caezers have a lot of hype to live up to before their show on the mainstage at the Rave. They were the most successful band to play both outside of the scene at mainstream events such as Glastonbury or on tour with the Vaccines, Imelda May and Brian Setzer as well as top rockin’ festivals all over the world such as Viva Las Vegas, Hemsby and High Rockabilly. The show on film was one of the most talked about shows in years, with singer AJ shakin’ the place up with his tongue in cheek humour and playing at being a young Mick Jagger. If you want to know what Young and Wild is? Check out this DVD.

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Video http://youtu.be/RVTYVJz7Rmc
  • 1. THE RHYTHM SHAKERS: No Time On You THE RHYTHM SHAKERS: Somethin' Baby
  • 2. THE RHYTHM SHAKERS: The Rock-A-Round
  • 3. THE RHYTHM SHAKERS: Running Out Of Time
  • 4. THE RHYTHM SHAKERS: Hit The Road
  • 5. THE RHYTHM SHAKERS: Rockin' Daddy
  • 6. THE RHYTHM SHAKERS: Flipsville
  • 7. THE RHYTHM SHAKERS: You Have It All
  • 8. THE RHYTHM SHAKERS: But You Still Left Me
  • 9. THE RHYTHM SHAKERS: My Sweet Revenge
  • 10. THE RHYTHM SHAKERS: To Another Man
  • 11. THE RHYTHM SHAKERS: Shake Your Hips THE RHYTHM SHAKERS: Watcha Do To Me
  • 12. THE RHYTHM SHAKERS: The Senior Class
  • 13. THE CAEZARS: I Never Wanted To Cry
  • 14. THE CAEZARS: Heartache Overload
  • 15. THE CAEZARS: Baby I'm Just Bad
  • 16. THE CAEZARS: Sittin' At The Top
  • 17. THE CAEZARS: Broken Hearted & Mean
  • 18. THE CAEZARS: Poor You,
  • 19. Dance
  • 20. THE CAEZARS: Little Casanova
  • 21. THE CAEZARS: Old Lost Throne
  • 22. THE CAEZARS: She's My Miss
  • 23. THE CAEZARS: I Can't Be Alone
  • 24. THE CAEZARS: Dirty Robber