Richard Cliff - Let Me Tell You Baby…It’s Called Rock’n’ Roll 2CD (CD)

Richard Cliff - Let Me Tell You Baby…It’s Called Rock’n’ Roll 2CD (CD)


”Taas löytyy! Upea kokoelma 1958-1960 matskua! Ennenjulkaisemattomia!!

Available at last, this 2 CD set is an extended version of the much-praised ten inch LP of the same title, released by Rollercoaster last year. These recordings are previously unissued on CD. Broadcast on the Light Programme s Saturday Club in the 50s and 60s, we are fortunate that these masters of Cliff as a primal rocker have survived, enabling us to hear the early days of a kid with a very big future. Two CDs and a 44-page booklet are included. Rock n Roll has become a generic term these days … it is even used in the USA to describe current recordings by artists that make genuine Rock n Roll fans cringe. Real Rock n Roll comes from the 50s and early 60s, and no matter how much they are imitated by tribute bands and the like, the originals remain the best. Cliff Richard soon hung up his Rock n Roll shoes (despite what he says on the last track of CD2 in this collection) as he became an all-round entertainer . But before Cliff slipped into a smart suit and tie and clipped his hair, there was a brief period when TV s ’Oh Boy’ and radio s ’Saturday Club’ featured just enough wild rockers to keep us watching and listening to them …

after all, those shows were all there was. Cliff and the Drifters were stars of both programmes and, thanks to their almost instant baptism via live shows in theatres following the chart success of Move It , they were soon belting out quality Rock n Roll on the airwaves. Many of the recordings seem superior to the released records for energy and sheer enthusiasm. Cliff was lucky to have a great band from the start of his professional career … a driving rhythm section that soon became stars in their own right. A detailed booklet with notes by respected journalist and historian Rob Finnis tells the story of Cliff s Rock n Roll years and is illustrated with rare photographs and memorabilia from the era. For historic reasons we have created two CDs containing tracks from ’Saturday Club’: CD 1 features musical content from high-quality recordings plus some tracks of historical interest that were taped off-air (and are therefore of a lesser quality); these have been gathered at the end of CD1 and do not appear on CD 2. On CD 2 we have included the music together with the introductions and interviews just as they were heard in the original broadcasts. Words alone cannot describe the music that captivated many teenagers in the 1950s and turned them into fans for the rest of their lives, but Cliff came pretty close when he sang, Let me tell you baby, it s called Rock n Roll . For more proof, listen to this album.”

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  • 1. Dynamite!
  • 2. I'm In Love Again
  • 3. Guitar Boogie (The Drifters)
  • 4. Dream Lover
  • 5. Mean Streak
  • 6. Driftin' (The Drifters)
  • 7. Rip It Up
  • 8. Jet Black (The Drifters)
  • 9. Living Doll
  • 10. C'mon Everybody
  • 11. Steady With You
  • 12. Ready Teddy
  • 13. Apron Strings
  • 14. Never Mind
  • 15. Danny
  • 16. Don't Bug Me Baby
  • 17. I'm In Love Again
  • 18. Gee Whiz, It s You
  • 19. You're Just The One To Do It
  • 20. Apache (The Shadows)
  • 21. What'd I Say
  • 22. Where Is My Heart?
  • 23. Quatermassters Stores (The Shadows)
  • 24. Please Don't Tease
  • 25. Hang Up My Rock n roll Shoes
  • 26. Move It!
  • 27. My Babe
  • 28. Baby I Don't Care
  • 29. High Class Baby
  • 30. Baby I Don t Care
  • 31. Down The Line
  • 32. Danny
  • 33. Summertime Blues
  • 34. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
  • 1. Saturday Jump (Humphrey Lyttelton & His Band). Brian Matthew Introduces Saturday Club 13th April
  • 2. C mon Everybody
  • 3. Cliff Reads A Request
  • 4. Steady With You
  • 5. Brian Matthew Introduction
  • 6. Ready Teddy
  • 7. Cliff Reads A Request
  • 8. Apron Strings
  • 9. Brian Matthew Introduction
  • 10. Never Mind
  • 11. Cliff Introduction
  • 12. Danny
  • 13. Brian Matthew Introduction
  • 14. Don't Bug Me Baby
  • 15. Saturday Jump (Humphrey Lyttelton & His Band) - Brian Matthew: Programme Ending
  • 16. Saturday Jump (Humphrey Lyttelton & His Band) - Brian Matthew Introduces Saturday Club 20th June 19
  • 17. Mean Streak
  • 18. Cliff Introduction
  • 19. Dream Lover
  • 20. Brian Matthew Reads A Request
  • 21. I m In Love Again
  • 22. Cliff Introduces The Drifters And A Request
  • 23. Driftin (The Drifters)
  • 24. Brian Matthew Reads A Request
  • 25. Rip It Up
  • 26. Cliff Reads A Request & Introduces The Drifters
  • 27. Jet Black (The Drifters)
  • 28. Brian Matthew Talks About Jet Harris
  • 29. Brian Matthew Reads Requests
  • 30. Living Doll
  • 31. Saturday Jump (Humphrey Lyttelton & His Band) - Brian Matthew: Programme Ending
  • 32. Time Signal, Cliff & Jim Dale Introduce Saturday Club In London & Saturday Jump (Humphrey Lyttelton
  • 33. Dynamite!
  • 34. Cliff & Jim Dale Introduction
  • 35. I m In Love Again
  • 36. Guitar Boogie (The Drifters)
  • 37. Time Signal & Brian Matthew Introduces Saturday Club 6th August 1960 & Saturday Jump (Humphrey Lytt
  • 38. Gee Whiz, It s You
  • 39. Brian Matthew Introduction
  • 40. You re just the one to do it
  • 41. Cliff Introduces The Shadows And Reads Requests
  • 42. Apache (The Shadows)
  • 43. Brian Matthew & Cliff Introduction and Request
  • 44. What'd I Say
  • 45. Cliff Reads A Request
  • 46. Where Is My Heart?
  • 47. Brian Matthew & Cliff Discuss Photographs And Requests For The Shadows
  • 48. Quatermassters Stores (The Shadows)
  • 49. Brian Matthew Introduction & Cliff Reads Requests
  • 50. Please Don't Tease
  • 51. Brian Matthew Reads Request, And Programme Ending Saturday Jump (Humphrey Lyttelton & His Band)
  • 52. Hang Up My Rock n roll Shoes

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