Trout Walter - Ride (CD)

Trout Walter - Ride (CD)


2022 release, the 30th solo album from blues-rock guitarist Walter Trout. The last time we saw Trout stepping out, he was on the road in support of 2020’s Ordinary Madness. The campaign ended in frustration, when Covid rendered live work too dangerous, both for this liver-transplant survivor and his fans, condemning Trout to an enforced downtime in Denmark that he hadn’t known in a half-century. Ride provides an emotional release-valve – both for it’s creator and his loyal listeners – perhaps this veteran artist can reconcile with his past, accept his future and live in the present as it unfolds. ”I think you can interpret this album title a few different ways,” he concludes. ”I mean, this album is definitely a musical ride and I certainly tried to cover a lot of ground. But, really, life is kind of a ride too, isn’t it? And I want to live mine to the fullest.”

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Vuosi 2022

1 Ghosts
2 Ride
3 Follow You Back Home
4 So Many Sad Goodbyes
5 High Is Low
6 Waiting for the Dawn
7 Better Days Ahead
8 Fertile Soil
9 I Worry Too Much
10 Leave It All Behind
11 Hey Mama
12 Destiny

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